It’s time to put on a new fresh face for Spring 2015. Winter just really takes a toll on our skin. The cold outside and heaters inside make our skin dry and flakey, not to mention pale. Now that buds are sprouting, daffodils and tulips are blooming and temperatures are warming up, it is time for a new look. I always start with the foundation whether it is a beauty routine or preparing a wardrobe. What’s underneath is the most important for a total pulled together look. Even though I am talking about Spring Beauty and adding color to your face I want to encourage you to prepare your skin before adding make up. That means you need to use an exfoliant and or go for a facial to remove the dry skin and damage from winter. Be sure and consistently use a great moisturizer so that your skin will look renewed and younger. You can refer to my previous blogs on Mary Kay TimeWise Cleanser and Beauty Routine: Under eye for more detailed information on skincare.
There is a new trend in beauty this season. I have noticed on recent photo shoots when modeling that the make up artists are going for a more natural, dewey fresh look. They are using very little powder except to control extreme shine, the lips are more neutral with gloss and blush is soft. Of course there are many variations within a trend and you have to consider your coloring and the various aspects of your life and where you are going. Your make up routine will be adjusted as you move from day to evening and casual to more formal events. It is always a great idea to get some professional guidance in addition to perusing the fashion magazines which are always full of cosmetic ads. I have several professional make up artists who do private consultations if you ever want the insider scoop and a few tricks of the trade. You can email me for more info. There are also make up artists at every cosmetic counter in town, just be sure they are not too heavy handed or dead set on just selling their product line.
I have been doing some research on the process of achieving this glowing skin that looks like you have your own lighting crew following you around. (Wouldn’t that be nice!!! Like J. Lo and her entourage) There are so many products on the market right now that you have quite an array from which to choose. The idea is a subtle application that will catch the light for a beautiful glow. The buzz words are Highlighters, Luminizers, Illuminators!! The goal is to give you that extra, added boost of soft lighting no matter where you are which equals glowing skin. Needless to say, Matte is OUT, Shimmer is IN!! The look is definitely more natural and your skin has a healthy sheen. It is a very pretty season and who wouldn’t want to have an “Ethereal Glow” or an “Ambient Lighting Blush”? One of my favorites is Benefit Watt’s Up which “turns up the wattage with a delicate, gorgeous champagne glow”. I just think the name says it all!! Iridescence is the key. This can be applied on the forehead, brow-bone, and cheekbone. Some luminizers can be used to brighten the inside corners of the eye. Always use sparingly and blend well.
get the products for your make-up bag –  1. Bobbie Brown  2. Benefit Cosmetics
Now for some COLOR!!! This Spring is all about color, and on the face it is a subtle splash of color to brighten, complement and enhance. I really love Nars Orgasm Blush (don’t you love the name???) It is very neutral and certainly gives the current iridescent sheen. I like the powder version as well as the cream and keep both on hand. This works well all of the time, but on occasion I use a blush with more pink like Bobbi Brown’s Pale Pink Blush. It looks really bright in the compact but is very pretty on. You want to use your blush sparingly. Always be sure to blend!!!!!
get the products for your make-up bag –  1. Nars Stick  2. Nars Blush
I love a fabulous red lip but I may reserve it for the evening now that Spring is here. I have a friend who always wears lipstick, usually red or hot pink, no matter what time of day or what she is doing. I will see her in work out clothes and a ball cap with sunglasses and her bright lipstick. As a result, she always looks pulled together and like she made an effort. It  makes me so happy to see her and is a reminder that simple beauty tricks can go a long way!!! I have resolved to try harder on my days off!! My current favorite lip color is 
Bobbi Brown’s Sheer Lip Color in Peachy which is just the right amount of bright for my everyday look and goes well with my olive skin tone. You may want to lean more toward a pink tone if you prefer. And I am obsessed with MAC  Lip Glass in Prrr. I guess I have always liked a glossy lip and am kind of addicted to lip gloss in general!! I was beyond  excited recently to turn in 6 empty tubes to qualify for MAC’s recycle program and finally earned a free tube of Prrr!!! Yay!!! (It’s the little things!!)
get the products for your make-up bag –  1. Bobbi Brown Sheer Color  2. MAC Lipglass
Happy Spring!! Enjoy the new season and the chance to freshen up your look. I encourage my clients to keep an open mind and be willing to explore the possibilities of keeping their “look” updated – always. Change is good!!! Don’t get stuck in some past era that isn’t working for you anymore. Every time Fashion seems to take us back, like to the  70’s Hippy Era, it is always with a new and improved twist!    “Fashion is meant to be fun!”  Fashionomics
“There is no cosmetic for beauty like happiness.”  Maria Mitchell
XO Debby