Working Out In Style


I have to admit that I love working out and I tend to run around in my work out clothes all over town if I don’t have a meeting or a job. That is the benefit or downfall of working out of my home and living in a community where lots of girls play tennis and they look cute in their tennis skirts and no one judges me at the grocery store. I am in desperate need of an update to my workout wardrobe. I guess I am just cheap and never spend money in this area. The only pieces of Lululemon that I own are gifts or hand me downs from my daughter. I work out at the Y and thankfully there is no pressure there to make a fashion statement, just come as you are. I usually stick with black because it is easy, safe and flattering and everything in my closet is black!! I, of course, have noticed the trend of very colorful and fun athleisure attire. So recently I found some new yoga pants at the Gap and they are neon orange and gray stripe. Someone comments on them every time I go to the Y which is kind of funny. I guess I am really boring so a color stands out. Actually I kind of like disappearing when I am exercising!!! So I have decided to go “shopping” and share some of my favorite gear and find a few new outfits. I did receive a fabulous new Lululemon yoga mat for Mother’s Day and it inspired me to go back to yoga. That was a great and much needed nudge to try something new (again). Having a new and flattering workout wardrobe and the proper equipment may just get you started on the right track this fall. Don’t forget to mix it up and have fun!!!


I love this Lululemon Yoga mat “The Reversible Mat”!! Mine is Hot Pink and it is thick enough that my knees don’t hurt when doing poses on the floor. A lady next to me gave me a tip at my first class. She said if you fold your mat in half before rolling it up you don’t get all of the dirt from the floor on the side that you use. It works. I just wipe it down, fold in half and roll up. I don’t leave my mat in the car and usually spread it out in the garage so it can breathe.  It comes in lots of colors!!


I used to love Zumba and the classes at the Y are inconsistent and infrequent. So I decided to try Piloxing and it is my new favorite class. It is a combination of Pilates and Boxing and it is a great workout. I am out of breath and sweaty after. It is such a great overall way to exercise and the music makes it really fun and the time goes by quickly. I wear the Piloxing gloves that sell for about $20. Most everyone goes barefoot in the class but I just can’t do it so I wanted some shoes that are easy to move around in. I had a really hard time finding official Piloxing shoes and I like to try them on because I have narrow feet.  The ones I found at Lukes are by               New Balance, the Fresh Foam Trainer. They are great for lateral movements and are really comfy. I also added a Sofesole insert.


You can see my new on sale purchases from The Gap this spring. As I said earlier, I have gotten comments since I started wearing a few bright outfits. I love these GapFit GFast pants that have a higher waist, crop leg and feel like a girdle, as in holding you in and not squishing the fat out!!! I love the top as well because it has a hood which doubles as a high neck (to prevent sun damage), really long sleeves (to cover my hands) and a high low bottom (to cover everything) and it is really long. It is called the GapFit Breathe Heathered Hoodie and it’s on sale and comes in a ton of colors. I bought it in grey and blue and white stripe. These new fabrics that breathe are incredible. 


Now this is my kind of top because it fits loosely and can easily go over your sports bra. It is the Essential Tank from Lululemon. I don’t like tops that are skin tight although I have some but love the one top I have that is a little looser. This is great for yoga or any workout routine.


I desperately need a few new sports bras. Most of my tops have a built in bra but several don’t and it is so important to have the proper support when working out. You can check out my blog on Let’s Talk About “The Girls” for my lecture on having a proper fitting bra and that goes for sports bras as well. I like this one from Lululemon, the All Sport Bra III and love the color and fit and coverage.

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Above you will see some examples of the new styles in leggings from Gap Athleta. I really like capris when working out and you will see a variety of patterns, decorations and the new mesh detail. You can keep it simple or go all out and make a splash. 


There are so many choices in shoes these days and tennis shoes have become a fashion accessory as well as a key ingredient for working out. There are lots of colors and styles so be sure you are finding the correct shoe for your activity. You are not supposed to wear the same shoe every day to let them breathe. You are also supposed to replace your running/workout shoes ever six months because they start to beak down after continued wear and tear and can no longer give you the proper support. I like going to Luke’s Locker in Dallas because they have great salespeople experienced in giving you the proper shoe and proper fit. They will even have you run around their inside track to check you out. I think it is wise to invest in good shoes. I tend to buy the same shoe every year once I find one that is a great fit for me. The maker usually just changes the color. And it is all about bright color these days. 


Hydration it the key to a great workout routine and staying healthy. There are so many choices for eco friendly water bottles these days in lots of bright colors. I saw these Corkcicle Canteens at Swoozie’s and they can even be monogrammed so you can keep up with your stuff. I was feeling poorly this summer and went to my doctor and discovered that I was dehydrated. After that I have made a huge effort to drink lots of water and keep Gatorade, Propel and Coconut Water on hand so that doesn’t happen again. I can really tell the difference.




The other very important accessory for every day is your sunscreen. There are so many choices and a lot are waterproof. Whether you go to CVS or Neiman Marcus, just wear it and protect your skin. You can read my blogs on the treatments I received at Bella MD Before and After our family wedding this summer. I hear so many rave reviews on Supergoop Sunscreen and I found a great selection at Saint Bernard; also a great store to shop for activewear!!


Leave it to Trina Turk to have the cutest, brightest workout bag ever!!  We all need a little help keeping up with all of the stuff we have to carry around!! Lots of fun activewear on their website as well. 


I encourage you to try something new!!! This is a weighted hoola hoop that a friend gave me. My goal is to start using it 3 times a week (every day would be better). Supposedly if you hoola hoop with this hoop 10 minutes per day it will reduce your waist among other benefits. Let me just say that it is not as easy as it sounds!!! Actually there are all sorts of YouTube videos on blasting your belly fat with weighted hoola hoops!! I’ll keep you posted. A great way to experiment with some new classes, gyms and studios is to buy a ClassPass, which gives you access to new workouts for a month.

XO Debby