White jeans are my favorite option for summer. It is so easy to get dressed by adding a cute top and summer shoe. White jeans are now approved by the “fashion police” as an option all year long. Summer has more to offer in the way of different styles and fabrics from which to choose. Finding the perfect fitting jean in any color is always the biggest challenge. White jeans for the winter are usually made of thicker denim. Summer denim can be a little lighter but you always want to make sure that you cannot see through it. I have some really light weight white legging jeans from The Gap that are very comfy but not see through. Always be sure you check for panty lines especially when wearing white. There are so many great options like Hanky Panky, Commando and Spanx that will not show through. Look for the seamless laser cut panties that sit totally flat against your skin and do not show a line.  Nude is always a great choice when wearing white. Please note that white underwear almost always shows through under most garments in the summer. A nude hue closest to your skin tone will disappear under white or other summer sheer fabrics. 6f0ea47462538b9ca8d81e39640e47c9-1White jeans are such a popular summer staple that I decided to research several styles and various price points to give you some options. Each style carries with it a different feel and as always “Fit and Proportion” are key elements in pulling together your overall look. Height, length of your leg, and body type dictate which style is best for you. The right top and shoe are really important in bringing you up to date in the fashion department. You are unique and there is a perfect fashion statement that has your name on it!!

skinny-white-jeansFirst Jean, Second Jean, Third Jean

The “Skinny Jean” has become almost a basic these days. We all fell in love with leggings for the comfort and versatility and the oversized tops we could wear over them. Jeggings are the jean version of leggings and also like a skinny jean. Skinny jeans usually hit at the ankle of a little above for a clean and finished look. Depending on your size you may want to wear a top like a tunic that is not too oversized and hits around mid thigh or above. You do not want your tunic to look like a dress over you skinnies especially if you are on the shorter side. Your top should not overpower or overwhelm you even though I know you probably want to cover the fanny, tummy and upper thigh.  You can wear flats, sandals, loafers, slip on tennies, wedges, espadrilles, pumps or just about any shoe with a skinny jean taking into the account how casual or dressy you want to be. High Lo tops are very popular and allow you to wear a slimmer blouse and still cover the parts you don’t want to show. 

straight-leg-white-jeansFirst JeanSecond JeanThird Jean

The Straight Leg Jean or sometimes a slim boot cut is another option if you do not like the proportion of the skinny jean. This allows more freedom for a larger calf and gives some balance to your hips while still being slimming. There are many more options  from low rise to higher waisted jeans these days. I know everyone is glad to be able to hide the old menace “the muffin top” which was made more pronounced by the low rise jeans. As they say “beauty knows no pain” and I guess we are willing to sacrifice comfort for fashion or there just weren’t any other choices that did not look like the dreaded “mom jean”!!!!! Tailoring is important on a straight leg jean because you do not want the fabric to bunch up at the hem your shoe. It is a delicate balance. Sometimes you just have to commit to which shoe or heel height you want to wear with a particular jean. This can stop at your ankle for flats or be a little longer to compensate for a higher heel or wedge. Always be sure to take your shoe with you when having jeans tailored. The straight leg jean is a little more forgiving, but you don’t want it baggy, and you can tuck in a shirt, wear a belt, add a jacket or slimmer top or sweater. “Front Tucking” or “Frucking” is alway an option. You may have seen this in magazines or on mannequins in stores. You tuck the front of your shirt or blouse loosely into the front of you jeans and leave the back out which covers your fanny and camouflages your stomach buy still gives you a bit of a waist and cleaner look in front. It’s an art, believe me!!!!!

Cropped-white-jeansFirst Jean, Second Jean, Third Jean

Cropped jeans are fun and casual and a summer favorite. They can be worn with flip flops, sandals, wedges or espadrilles. I am sure they can also be dressed up with high heeled sandals or pumps if you really pull your overall look together. As I mentioned before skinny jeans can be a bit cropped above the ankle. I think cropped jeans can be a variety of lengths between the lower calf and upper ankle area. It is important to choose a length that is flattering to your leg and does not cut you in an awkward place. It is kind of like choosing the skirt length that hits you at just the right area above or below the knee. It is the same with these cropped jeans. I tend to prefer a slimmer fitting jean but some may be a little looser in lighter weight fabrics. Just be sure that the crop jean fits you well and is not baggy and unflattering.


First JeanSecond JeanThird Jean

I have to admit I have never stopped wearing flared jeans and they are one of my favorites. I call them “date jeans” because, in my opinion, they look best with heels, wedges or platforms and make your legs look really long; “Legs for Days” as the saying goes. These jeans are a throw back to the 70’s and I cannot admit wearing them in a past life!! I must have been 10. I think the key to the flare is that is needs to be fitted to the knee and then gradually flare out below the knee. I am not talking about a palazzo pant which can be wide and flowy all the way down. Again proper fit is key and you will have to hem your jeans to fit the shoes you want to wear. I usually like a more fitted top with a flare or wide leg jean but I am also really liking the peasant blouses I am seeing. I normally like a balance and if your pant is wider on the bottom I like a smaller proportion on the top. I probably would not suggest a tunic with the flare jean unless it is pretty slim and not too long. These jeans usually have a higher waist line which is flattering  and adds to the longer leaner look.

22aa3223899ff9cd229b0e68887bfe12I recently read an article about a Vogue editor who was determined to find the perfect fitting jean. She said that she worked in an office of women who all seemed to have found the look she wanted. After much research she discovered that the reason her coworkers had such great looking jeans was that they all had them tailored!!! I cannot stress enough the importance of factoring tailoring into your clothing budget. It is so important in achieving your best fit and looking pulled together, updated and fashionable. Many women need to have the waistband taken in at the back, a very easy fix. Of course the hem is always an important detail to consider in tailoring. Always take the shoe you will be wearing to your fitting. I would encourage you to be sure the jeans you are purchasing will not get too baggy. They need to fit tightly when you by them and they should not lose their shape after wearing even if the fit relaxes a little. We are very accustomed to fabrics with lycra and spandex but there seems to be a magic formula that does not become baggy. If you wear a jean once and it gets too baggy then return it to the store and try another brand. Be ruthless in the pursuit of the proper fitting jean and the style that works best for your body type. There are so many brands to choose from at various price points, you will find the perfect look for you.