What’s In My Beach Bag


It is never too early to get ready for the next season. The weather and the fashions will change quickly and we will be propelled into the new season, ready or not!! Going from wearing winter clothes that cover from head to toe to dresses and sandals and swimsuits is a drastic transition. After the gloomy winter weather we must also get ready to face the sun. I think that some really serious sun damage comes in the spring when we finally are able to get out in the beautiful weather and soak up some Vitamin D for real. I admit that I usually forget how powerful the sun’s rays are and my skin is not ready for the exposure. Protecting your skin is of the utmost importance on a daily basis and of course when you are out in the sun for extended periods of time. As I have said before, I love a suntan, but I have sun damage from my past sun worshipping days and I am really trying to be aware of taking good care of my skin. As we move toward showing our bare arms and  legs, I have some suggestions for tanning towels, airbrush products as well as great sunscreen protection. 
Last week I introduced you to some fabulous and very flattering styles in swimsuits. Since finding just the right suit for your figure takes time and effort, I think that getting an early start when there is still a great selection of merchandise in the stores, is a proactive idea!! I also want to show you some fun accessories for the pool or beach which also give great protection for your skin like hats, sunglasses and cover ups to name a few. There are many items that are easy to add to your casual wardrobe like sandals that can really spice up your look. I love to read and there is nothing better than a great book on vacation. Headphones can keep you safe from unwanted intruders into your relaxing time on vacation and of course you will need a fabulous beach towel and trendy tote.  I have done a little research and want to share some fun ideas. Our lives are so busy and “stressed out” that getting away and taking advantage of time to restore and refresh your spirit is so important. And you might as well look your best while relaxing!!!
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