What Grandmas Wear for Easter

Spring flowers and what-grandmas-wear-for-Easter from Nordstrom

Happy Wednesday!! I am so happy it finally feels like Spring!! I walked this morning instead of going to the Y and it was such a great feeling to get some exercise and pray and take in all of the beautiful spring flowers. I am always so thankful for the generous people who share their flowers with me along the way. Speaking of flowers, they are everywhere in fashion this spring and I wanted to share what Grandmas wear for Easter. I am so in love with my grand babies! They are so much fun and bring pure joy and laughter to my life that I don’t feel old being a grandma at all. I love my grandma name, Dee Dee, and everything about this new phase of life. Don’t laugh at these photos being taken inside because it was 20 degrees outside that day. We had to improvise!!


Floral dress by Eliza J on over 50 blogger

Asymmetrical hem on midi floral dress for Easter

Fashionomics Dallas blogger wears floral dress for Easter


 I was shopping for Easter dresses and definitely wanted a floral. I did see a lot of dark florals still out for spring but this floral dress by Maggy London just caught my eye. This print is everything!! I have talked about designer prints being over the top but this one is so pretty and a reasonable price ($148). Eliza J has some really pretty florals too and options with sleeves.  Midi lengths are big for spring and this asymmetrical hem is flattering and easy to wear. I know most of my readers like to cover their arms and I try to be aware of that when choosing styles to show. However this cut-in at the shoulders top is very flattering and it comes up higher at the neck. I have recently decided that I need a higher neck. I wore a lace dress for Sloan’s baptism last weekend and it has a scoop neck. Yikes, I felt really old and not toned in that area! Can’t exactly wear a turtleneck in the spring but this is almost as good. Add a bright pashmina to cover those arms and for a cool Easter morning. Hot pink and any shade of pink is great for this season. Hot Pink Pashmina What-grandmas-wear-for-Easter

Nude Sandals from Pelle Moda

Floral print for Easter dress on over 50 blogger


What do Grandmas wear for Easter kind of reminds me of that Christmas song “Grandma got run over by the reindeer”. Haha Well grandmas who wear a nude sandal or shoe will look like they have longer legs. I like a strappy white sandal too (and the new clear shoe). Statement accessories are big again this year (no pun intended) and you will find lots of color to brighten up your look. I always like to carry a small handbag for special occasions and collect them on vacations and at specialty stores when I see one. In my opinion you can’t have too many pashminas. This is such an easy wrap to carry if you want to cover your arms or have on hand if you get chilly. You could also choose a cropped sweater but please no cardigans or loose sweaters with dresses. Then you really will look like a grandma!

floral dress for Easter with nude sandal

Statement accessories like earrings in bright colors on grandma blogger

Small handbags for special occasions



Floral dress and pink pashmina on over 50 blogger

I hope you don’t think I’m crazy for titling this blog what grandmas wear for Easter. I just have so many friends who have entered the phase of being grandparents and they sure don’t look or act old. It’s not the old stereotype of a grandma these days. Grandmothers are fun and cool and love fashion and keeping up with the times. I just wanted to show a little different perspective on “grandmas”. I also hope you are having a glorious spring and looking forward to the Easter season and spending time with family and friends. Whether you have grandkids or not, you have to admit that children make holidays more fun. That reminds me that I need to start dragging those Easter decorations out again. Get the Easter baskets ready!! Love you all!! XO Debby

Floral DressNude Sandal – Earring (similar) Pashmina – Handbag (similar)

PHOTOGRAPHY – Mary Summers Hafner