Summer is finally here and it is time to travel. Sometimes a weekend get a way can give you some rest and relaxation and a new outlook. If you live in Texas we are not really close to the beach or the mountains but we have lots of flights going out of Love Field these days so don’t despair. I think this should be a long weekend we are talking about to make the effort worth your while. Packing efficiently is always important so really think about how much you want to take. Summer travel is usually a little easier because clothes and shoes are lighter. I always say less is more if you are flying. You have a lot more flexibility if you are loading up the Suburban for a trip.

When you are planning some fun weekend getaways this summer, I  want to share some of the  “Must Haves” that I can’t live without when I travel. Just leaving my routine for a long weekend is sometimes all I need to refresh and reboot from my daily and weekly activities. I am actually going on a 4 day trip to Memphis to visit my son and getting ready to pack as I am writing this. Bill and I are excited to be able to finally fly direct to Memphis on Southwest Airlines. After many years of driving the 8 hours to Oxford, MS with kids at Ole Miss, this feels like a real vacation!!

So what are the 10 top items you will find me taking on a trip? This has been a hard question for me because I have so many beauty items that I need but I will narrow it down to things I really always take when I travel, no matter how far I go or how long I stay!! Here goes, I wonder if you have similar “Must Haves”?


1) Barrington St Anne Tote

I admit that I have several Barrington St Anne Totes and use them all the time. I like to travel with my black and white houndstooth one because it is classy and goes with my usual black travel wardrobe. I am thinking of taking my new Whitney tote on this trip because it is summer and I am going to the south where color is very popular. I carry this on the plane and load it up with iPad, magazines, my jewelry bag (I never check that) and whatever else I want to take that is not in my purse.

2) Hanging Toiletry Bag

This is one of my very favorite travel bags and I couldn’t function without it. It is so easy and convenient because you can hang it in the bathroom and have hands free as you access your toiletries. It is so much easier than having to spread everything all over the bathroom counter. I use it for my shampoo, conditioner, bath oil, lotions, razors, dental floss, toothpaste, contact solution, eye drops, etc. I wish I could be like Bill and use the shampoo, etc in the hotel room. Men have is so easy!!!!!

3) Sunscreen

I always take sunscreen no matter where I am going because there is always some sun in any season. I am not as diligent as I should be with putting it on my hands (which I desperately need to protect from further sun damage) but I always wear Clinique City Block spf 40 as my foundation if I am wearing make up. If I am working out or not wearing make up I use La Roche Posay 60 spf. I like it because it is very lightweight and does not sting. I always wear sunscreen on my face and I do carry a general sunscreen in my nifty hanging toiletries bag for places like my neck and décolleté which is so sensitive to sun damage. Oh the days past of suntanning  with baby oil and iodine!!!!! Yikes!!!

4) Flat Iron

I have started growing my hair out recently and I have forgotten how hard it is to style my wavy hair and how much longer it takes!!!  I am not good with hair (ask my daughters!!) For quite a while I have  used a flat iron with the Aquage Beyond Shine spray to hopefully keep from frying my hair. I usually do not take a blow dryer and just assume the hotel or my hostess (if I am staying with a friend) will have one that I can use. But I cannot live without my flat iron!! I originally used a BaByliss when you could only get them from Chicago or NY, then switched to a CHi and now am back to a BaByliss. I think they are all bad for your hair but I am stuck with it, especially with all of this rain and humidity. My hair is not a pretty sight!!

5) Sonicare Electric Toothbrush

I really love my Sonicare toothbrush and always take it when I travel. It even comes with a little travel case. I do admit that I have left it in a hotel in Whistler, Canada and another time in a hotel in Lubbock, Texas. Of course, I did not get it back from either hotel so it was an expensive oversight. I really try hard to make myself look twice in the bathroom before I leave. For some reason it seems to blend in and look like it belongs there because it is white. I guess I should make a list of things not to forget when packing up.

6) Slippers

Bill and I have a joke that is must be time to go back to our favorite resort in Mexico, El Dorado Meroma, because I need some new house shoes!!! I love the slippers you get when you stay at a nice hotel. Is that really weird?? I have to take them when I travel because I don’t want to walk around on hotel carpet without wearing them!! They are really thin and light weight and don’t take up much room and really make me feel at home!!

7) Glasses

I wear contacts and I am really blind without them. I like to carry my glasses in my tote so if I have a long or early flight I can take my contacts out and put on my glasses so that I can at least see to walk down the aisle to the bathroom. I have forgotten to take my glasses several times and it is really a pain not to be able to see!!! I need to go downstairs right now and put them in my tote to carry on the plane tomorrow.

8) Pouch of Chargers

This is one of the most important items on this list. It is so frustrating to forget my phone charger or even worse to leave it in the hotel!!!!!! Which, of course, has happened to me many times. I need a charger for my phone, I also always take a car charger for my phone, and a charger for my iPad. I also have a nifty little battery that will charge my phone IF it has been plugged in and is charged. Thankfully most airports have lots of plugs available. Who can live without a cell phone on a trip , or anytime for that matter??  All of these important connections that keep us from relaxing and really getting away!!

9) Republic of Tea

Anyone who knows me well knows that I am addicted to iced tea. My family makes fun of me because making my tea every morning is a huge ordeal and ritual. Bill calls it my concoction.  I have special teas that I use and always have to have lemon, lime and orange slices; if I run out and have not been to the store I am really sad.  I might add fresh mint from my garden as well. I love my 32 oz styrofoam cups with lids and I always drink through a straw. I also use Stevia now and am trying to be healthy and steer away from artificial sweeteners with a bad rap!! I don’t drink coffee so this is my caffeine obsession; a real necessity as far as I am concerned. When I travel I always take a Ziploc baggie with tea bags, Stevia and straws. I can usually make tea in my hotel room and find a cup and ice. Lemons become a luxury when traveling by plane. If I travel by car I take my 32 oz cups, lids, lemons and the whole formula for my tea obsession. I love Republic of Tea Mango Ceylon and Ginger Peach, with caffeine, of course. I am aware that styrofoam cups are taboo and not eco friendly but I do recycle and try to be conscientious in other ways and I have to have some bad habits!!! Love my iced tea and I have to say that on my most recent trip to Memphis they have great iced tea everywhere. Yippeee!!!! It’s the little things!

10) Cell Phone

How could I forget to mention the most important Must Have item for every day and especially for a trip. I admit that I am very attached to my cell and use it almost like a computer. It is for personal as well as business purposes and I hate to admit that I am using it constantly. What would I do without my phone calls, texts, emails, Instagram, Facebook , maps, camera and on and on???? This should be #1!