Weddings – It’s All In The Details


Working with clients for everything surrounding weddings is the most fun! I absolutely love working with the bride, mother-of-the-bride, mother-of-the-groom, and family members. I have helped grandmothers and sisters as well. Weddings are happy occasions and shopping for the perfect dress and party outfits should not add stress. My husband always says,”This is the good stuff of life!” So ladies, it is always my pleasure to help every mom or bride or family member get ready for that special day. I think I like this category so much because I can help choose the outfits from beginning to end. It’s truly all in the details. I love being a part of each and every wedding and getting to know new friends!! Sometimes I even get to go to the wedding!!!


We start by making a list of parties, events and dates. I like to create a timeline so we can get everything done in an efficient and timely manner. This is really important if we end up having to special order any pieces. We usually start with the wedding dress for the bride, or mother-of-the-bride or groom, first because these are the most important. Then we find just the right shoe, accessories and wrap. It’s a fun process and I love seeing it all come together. Next we move to the parties and consider the attire for each one. 




We also talk about really important details and finishing touches like lingerie, self tanners, and hair and make up. I have lots of experts who help me in stores when shopping and I have a handful of professionals that I totally trust for making my clients look and feel their best; hair and make up!! (LB Rosser, Gary Parson and their team of the most talented hair stylists and make up artists in the business) It makes a huge difference!!

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Whether you are a part of the wedding party, a family member or guest, I am ready to help you in any way as you are preparing for this big event. I want to reduce the stress and take the pressure off of pulling your looks together for every party and the wedding itself. You can contact me at Can’t wait!!