Tory Burch Sale til March 4

Tory-Burch-sale my fave blouse on over 50 blogger Fashionomics

Happy Thursday and hope you are having a great week!! I am still not caught up from going to Memphis a maybe need to admit that I will never get everything on my list done each day. Of course every day this week I have intended to write a blog post in my series of Spring Trends. I worked out early this morning and no telling what I did before finally coming upstairs to write. Then I am having trouble with my computer. The keyboard is sluggish and it is difficult to write sentences.  I was on the phone with Apple Support for 30 minutes and it was great for a while but now back to sluggish. Anyone else having this problem?


In the meantime I had opened an email about the Tory Burch Sale this morning, sent some ideas to a client and then decided I had to share it with you!!! Most of the items on sale are over 50% off. This private sale ends March 4 so you better shop fast. I posted on Instagram yesterday about the Shopbop Sale, but if you like Tory Burch this may be a better value. The dress in the same pattern as the blouse I am wearing is regular price $548 on sale for $199 if that gives you any idea of how great this sale is.

As always thanks so much for reading and I hope you find some great items for your spring wardrobe or for next fall. I had so much fun looking for great buys and found so many things I would love to have. Hope your weekend is relaxing and fun and not too cold. Spring Trends coming soon!! XO Debby

PHOTOGRAPHY – Mary Summers Hafner