Summer Finds at Banana Republic – 40% off Sale

Fashionomics wearing Banana Republic shorts with button detailing.

I hope you are having a great beginning of your summer. We have been so happy to have all of our kids in town over the last 3 weeks to meet baby Sloan. We have a blended family and it is so much fun to see their loyalty to each other. They seem to all get a kick out of being an aunt or uncle. Tyler and Tim have been so sweet with these babies and that makes me smile. Of course Hunter came to meet baby Sloan and we got some really cute photos of them. I am really behind on posting family photos on my personal instagram @debbyallbright . Stay tuned for an update as soon as I recover from this stupid cold!!! I hate being sick and this really snuck up on me. Plus I can’t be around Sloan. Not fun for sure. I am actually writing this blog in my leopard flannel PJ’s. I cannot remember the last time I stayed in bed all day. You know it’s bad if I had to cancel my hair appointment to cover my gray!!Banana Republic straw packable sun hat for Fashionomics style.

Vionic Hattie Sneaker from Oprah Magazine picked by Oprah.

Summer shorts from Banana Republic and white off the shoulder blouse for over 50 blog.

I am a big fan of shopping at Banana Republic and Gap. I have a Gap credit card so I get a lot of special offers. Plus if you watch the sales then you will get great discounts like today is 40% off online with code BRSECRET. That makes a huge difference in your fashion budget. I think BR always has great basics like these super cute sailor shorts in khaki. It is really hot in Texas and I like to have a modest pair of shorts to wear on occasion. I thought these were so interesting with the button detailing. They are a 5 inch short and also come in a tweed stripe. I also like this white stretch short with a removable tie at the waist. There are also some 10 inch longer shorts that you might like if these are a bit short that come in white, navy and black. I don’t play golf but I’ll bet these would be approved!!Fashion Blogger wearing white off the shoulder top from Banana Republic.

Fashionomics stays out of the sun with floppy straw hat.

BR 40% off sale for summer finds with over 40 style.

I have to say that I am in love with this white off-the-shoulder blouse. It is crisp and soft at the same time and as I have said before, showing off your décolletage is always flattering. My clients always want to cover their arms so here you go. Problem solved!!  It also comes in black so if you take advantage of the sale you might want both. It is on sale now for $29.99. Here is another cute version in white. I also am obsessed with this fabulous packable raffia sun hat. As you know it is so important to protect your face from the sun. This is a very stylish and simple way to do that and easy to pack for your travels. I would say that if you don’t have a straw bag this season then you need one. How cute is this straw clutch with the ribbon detailing. Just big enough for your phone and the essentials when you go out on the town. Love the bow!! 

Fashionomics gives tips on wearing a sun hat to protect your face.

Straw bags are in style this season from Banana Republic

Debby Fashionomics wearing Vionic Hattie sneakers.

I have a collection of horn or bone cuffs and bracelets that I love to wear. The creamy tones are light and easy for whites, creams and khaki. For some reason I love cuffs and tend to wear them more than necklaces. Akola,  Nest and Ashley Pittman always have a great selection if you are interested. As always I am so thankful that you take time out of your busy schedule to read my blog and musings on fashion. It feels like I have spent most of my life in the fashion industry and it is fun to share with you. I hope you have some fun travel plans this summer and that you will take advantage of the easier pace of the season.  XO Debby

PHOTOGRAPHY – Mary Summers Hafner

Khaki Short // White Blouse // Sun Hat // Straw Clutch // Tennies