Splurge or Steal

Happy Tuesday!! I wanted to share my most recent Fashionomics Newsletter for April 2017. I was excited to post this one because it is my first Splurge or Steal adventure. My blog posts recently have been mainly higher priced fashions from my favorite store, Tootsie’s, and I thought it might be fun to explore the contrast of high and lower prices in the trends for spring. If you subscribe to my Fashionomics monthly newsletter I apologize for the duplication. I also have never been able to share my newsletter on the blog before so I am really kind of doing a little experiment. Thanks for helping me out. I look forward to hearing your feedback and maybe I will make this a regular feature!! I hope you all have a wonderful week leading up to Easter. Safe travels and blessings on your celebrations with family and friends. What a glorious time of year!! XO Debby