Sneaking up on Accessories

Happy Friday and Happy St. Patrick’s Day. It seems kind of anticlimactic because everyone here in Dallas seemed to celebrate St. Patty’s day last Saturday. I mentioned before that we had Bill’s BD party downtown and it was not easy to navigate the traffic for many of our guests. This day seems quite a bit calmer. I apologize in advance for not wearing green. It may not be my best color!! Today I am finishing up with some photos from a previous blog post A Fresh New Look and I wanted to save a few shots to focus on the accessories. Sneakers are a huge trend for everyone and for almost any occasion. I probably won’t wear mine for cocktail or black tie!! The first pair of fashion sneakers I purchased was a leather slip-on from Cole Haan (kinda like this). I still love them and you have seen them if you follow my Instagram. The next pair I bought were the white Adidas with black stripes. For some reason I bought a size 10 and they were huge. I wore them on my trip to Chicago and they hurt my feet and I was always tripping!! HaHa!!!!! I finally gave them to my daughter. Time to get the correct size. Maybe this weekend!!! Now the gray sneakers in this post were a last minute find as I was walking out of Marshall’s while shopping for something else with my friend Roxie from Connecticut. I love gray, it’s such a great neutral and these are a mix of suede and mesh by Vince Camuto ($59.99). So cute, but the problem is that I cannot find them online to share with you. I guess that’s what happens when I get a bargain. I will show some styles that are similar and reasonable. I’ll tell you funny story. These shoes were so cute that I ignored the fact that they made a funny noise when I walked. It didn’t get better when I got them home. So I have to wear a little pedi sock or put in a liner. Kind of weird!!!

The next accessory that is very important for spring and summer is the hat. Ladies we need to protect our faces and beautiful skin. You cannot start too early!!! I love hats and used to have a huge collection from Frank Olive (back in the day) and even went to the Kentucky Derby one year with all of my hats. I cannot imagine how may suitcases I had to drag along!!! Tootsie’s usually has a great selection of hats on hand for The Kentucky Derby and The Mad Hatter’s Tea. Today I am focusing on sun hats and this one from Gladys Tamez is fab!!! It has a wide brim to protect the face and is really just great looking. Usually if I take a hat on a trip I just carry a tote and slip it inside to protect it. Find a great hat this season and wear it around town or take it to the mountains or the beach. Take care of that beautiful face.


I like this outfit because it means spring is coming. It is such a beautiful time of year and I love the flowers that are blooming. I like thinking about summer vacation and wearing these cute clothes on a fun trip to the beach or Colorado where we are taking our family vacation in July. Accessories can make the outfit. I have always said having the right shoe is so important for the total look. Hats are a fun way to protect your face and elevate your outfit!! Have some fun this spring and be sure to check out the selection at Tootsie’s. It’s a fun place to shop. Fashionomics is always ready to help edit and organize your closet and shop with you for a new look!! Just call Debby 214-675-0121  Thanks for reading and hope you are having a fun weekend. Be sure to make a list of the trends you want to add to your wardrobe before shopping. Be sure you have some cute sneakers in your closet!! I have tried to show you a few sneakers and hats in the links below. I’ll for sure do a more in depth blog or newsletter on the sneaker trend soon. 



Sneakers – Vince Camuto –  Marshalls – similar here and here and here and here

Esthella Sunhat – Gladys Tamez – Tootsie’s – similar here  and here

Jeans – Frame – Tootsie’s

Blouse – Caroline Constas – Tootsie’s – similar here

Sunnies – Illesteva – Tootsie’s

PHOTOGRAPHY BY   Mary Summers Hafner

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