Remember that song “Who wears short shorts”? Well after deciding to write a blog on the subject of finding pretty, flattering and age appropriate shorts, I have come to conclude that everyone must wear short shorts because 90% of the shorts I could find were really short!!! I realize that fashion is driven by youth and that especially in the summer most of the looks are for those with long legs and cute figures (and I assume no lumps or cellulite). I had a harder time than I expected finding some fashionable, interesting shorts for those of us who are no longer in our 20’s or even 30’s. The pickings are slim and I am sure that there is some fabulous resource that I have over looked or most cute shorts are just short!!!
It gets really hot in Texas and shorts are always a good idea in the heat of the summer. Shorts are practical because they allow you to be active at a picnic or outing without having to worry about bending over, sitting down, etc. Speaking of bending over; that may be a great place to start. When deciding what length of shorts to choose, be sure to look at your backside in a full length mirror. What do you want to hide or camouflage and what do you want to show off to everyone? This can be a great determining factor in what length you choose. Stay away from shorts that are too tight, too short, too baggy, or too long. I think it should be obvious why you do not want to wear your shorts too tight or too short. I have found that some women tend to wear their clothes in sizes that are too large for them in order to hide their figure. However this is counter productive because it just makes her look bigger than she is. Wearing shorts that are baggy, too large or with a gathered waist is not flattering. Choose a flat front short in your correct size that comes above the knee. I personally think that shorts that hit below the knee are just not flattering on anyone because they cut your leg in an awkward place.
As I have said before, “Fit and Proportion” are the key ingredients to dressing successfully. I am convinced that there is a style for everyone. Sometimes it takes a hard and honest look in a full length mirror, front and back, to assess your current situation. Every woman has parts of her figure that she wants to accentuate and parts she may want to camouflage. Personally I think that shorts should cover your rear end and upper thigh. There are several choices of lengths between what Theory calls a City Short and a Bermuda Short. You can always have a short hemmed if it is too long. There are some styles that can be rolled up for different lengths. I think the slimmer shorts are more flattering. Usually a gathered waist just adds inches and volume over the stomach area. Everything looks great on the stick thin models with flat stomachs and long legs. (I like models, don’t get me wrong!!) Which reminds me, the point is to make your legs look longer so your height and leg length come into play when choosing the style best for you. If you are on the shorter side, you may be able to pull off a shorter short and if you have longer legs you can wear a longer short well. Always consider where the short hits on your leg, make sure it is flattering!!! Ask an honest friend or find a great, diplomatic salesperson at your favorite store.
Choose a top that is not too long or oversized and that is in proportion to your shorts. A tailored shirt, cute T shirt or tank usually works well. Wearing a wedge with a little heel or a higher heel will make your legs look longer. Of course this will be determined by your activity. I also found some Skorts as an option to wearing shorts. This gives you the look of a casual skirt with a short underneath. I did have a hard time finding patterns. Trina Turk has the best looking shorts and patterns but they are shorter than I would be comfortable wearing. Most of the shorts I found were white, black or navy. I did find a few and tried to show you a variety of short lengths, flattering styles, colors and patterns and price points. I think white and navy are always great options for summer. 
First row // 1. Lands End   2.  Halston Heritage   3. Banana Republic
Second row //  1.  Theory   2. J.Crew   3. Banana Republic
Third row // 1. Banana Republic  2.  Tommy Bahama  3.  J.Crew
Fourth Row //  1. Theory  2. Gap   3. Theory
Have a great summer!!
XO Debby