Shopping My Closet – Wide Leg Jeans

Shopping My Closet - Wide Leg Jeans

Happy Friday!!(that’s when this will publish)  It’s actually Wednesday and I am on the plane to NYC!! Yay!! I can’t believe I actually got packed (after frantically taking several things out of my bag because it wouldn’t close!). My flight was at 7:25 so of course I was up late and couldn’t sleep!! I always try to book an early flight on the way to my destination so I can have most of the day to explore then book a later flight to return for the same reason!! But I have to say after the last couple of weeks with lots of work (thank you Lord) I feel a little frazzled. This is my very first time to try to write a blog on the plane. I feel very grown up. But I am determined to finish this “Shopping My Closet” series and get the white outfits posted before Labor Day by golly!! I hope you enjoyed Summer Whites (vacay ready), My Fave White Jeans (one thing I took out of my bag because I love them so much I don’t want to mess them up!! crazy) and Date Night Whites (love this clear trend). Today I wanted to share “Shopping My Closet – Wide Leg Jeans”. Love this fabulous wide leg jean (similar) that I really styled a very different way by adding a stripe tank (similar) and Koch jacket (similar) that I got at The Shak when working with designer Nicole Musselman and I adore it. This ensemble ended up looking kind of nautical but that’s what happens when you start shopping in your closet – a new outfit. 


So here’s the story on this outfit. The good thing is that I love all of these pieces. The bad thing is that I can only link similar pieces except for these great and very neutral Dolce Vita rafia wedges. I love a good platform that gives you some height but is still very comfy to walk in. Of course I found these shoes at Tootsies as well as the Ei8ht Dreams wide leg jean with the frayed detailing (sale $140). I have mentioned before that shopping at a specialty store allows you to find unique pieces that you don’t see everywhere else which is great but hard for me to link for you!!

Naughtical look for Labor Day

Dolce Vita rafia wedges for a neutral shoe

Clear bag trend and white trend

White wide leg jean Ei8ht Dreams

Shopping My Closet - Wide Leg Jeans

I am spending the Labor Day weekend in Westport, CT with good friends (Bill is going hunting at his lease of course). I have spent the last two days shopping my fave stores in New York. I landed Wednesday, went to my hotel to check in. It is my first time to stay at The Warwick and I loved it. Such a beautiful hotel in a great location. Victoria actually found it for me on and it was a great rate. I highly recommend it. Then after getting to check in early I met my friend Joyce (who I modeled with in NY) at Fred’s at Barney’s for a fun lunch. Then I met my friend Roxie at Bergdorf and the shopping began. We hit every store on 5th Avenue and Madison Avenue in two days. I also went to dinner on Wednesday night with my friend MaryBeth who I worked with in Dallas. More shopping on Thursday including a trek down to Hudson Yards, popped in 4510, shopped the beautiful new Neiman Marcus store and saw the Vessel (but we were too tired to climb up for the view). 

Koch blazer with stripe tank

Gap stripe tank with yellow belt

wide leg jean with neutral platform

Dolce Vita rafia platform

white blazer and jean with neutral wedge

I thought it might be fun to look back at another blog “All White 2 Ways – DenimDressed Up or Down” and show you some other ways to style the wide leg jean. These days white jeans are great all year long. I have been shopping in NYC and there are white shoes, boots and handbags everywhere. I have seen bright white pants and tops in the designer section so white is everywhere even on the East Coast for all seasons it seems. I love these jeans event though they are the new trend of rigid denim. That means no stretch!! I bought snakeskin tennis shoes at Schutz and I am ordering white booties too. In Westport and probably Greenwich I will shop at my favorite designer resale store – Roundabout!!

All white denim dressed up

White denim with white sandals and handbag

White feather earrings

tennis shoes with denim

wide leg white denim with cream sweater

Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend

I hope you have a wonderful Labor Day weekend. I always dread summer ending but then we can look forward to cooler weather (I hope) and fall clothes.  I am inspired after being in New York. The fashion trends are all over the map these days but I love the attention to detail, the patterns and bursts of color this fall season. Always remember that “Fashion is meant to be Fun” and you can do you!!! I love working with my clients in their closets and then shopping with them to complete the looks they need to update.  I love helping them get the right look and the right fit for their style and body type. The most important thing to me is that my clients feel beautiful and confident on the inside first, then the outside. Thanks so much for reading!! Happy Labor Day XO Debby

PHOTOGRAPHY – Mary Summers Hafner