Shopping My Closet – Date Night Whites

Shopping My Closet - Date Night Whites

Happy Monday and hope you had a great weekend. I have been having computer difficulties and have been trying to get this blog written since last week. I was in closets with clients for hours last week and now I need to catch up and get ready for my trip over Labor Day to NY and CT. I’ve got a lot of work before I leave so I will just rest on the plane. I know I’m behind and everyone else is writing about Fall Trends. Since I have started this series of blogs on “Shopping My Closet” I may as well finish it up. I decided to go through my closet and put together some outfits in different ways. I tend to get a combo and stick with it out of laziness I have to admit!! I started with “Summer Whites” some white shorts and tee shirt then “My Fave White Jeans” and today “Shopping My Closet – Date Night Whites”!! I have worn these Mother white jeans to death this summer and will probably keep on wearing them all year. No fashion rules anymore like no white after Labor Day. You can wear white jeans, white booties year round these days. 


I still like to dress up when we go out to a nice restaurant or to the theater. And hanging out with my blogger buddies or my long time KD friends requires a bit of a fashionista wardrobe. I think it’s always good to make an extra effort to keep yourself updated and looking great just for you!!! I usually wear this white off the shoulder top (similar here) with shorts I got at Banana Republic last year but decided to pair it with my fave white jeans and these amazing clear sandals from Schutz. I kind of thought it was crazy to get them in two heel heights but I have worn them both so much and plan to continue wearing them all year round. Especially the high heel (which also comes in black), maybe the lower cork heel (similar here) will be more spring and summer. This clear trend is here to stay and these shoes just disappear, go with everything and and make your legs look really long. Also off the shoulder tops are really flattering, show off your shoulders and décolletage and hide your arms! Great combo!!

off the shoulder top from Banana republic 

Frayed hem jeans from Mother Denim

shopping my closet- date night whites

all white outfit for summer

summer whites from banana republic and mother denim

I know this is kind of crazy to keep with this white theme now that it is almost Labor Day. I just need to finish what I started and I’m hoping that maybe someone will be planning a trip to the beach or a warm weather destination or that you will get some ideas for shopping sale to get ready for next spring. I do love a tonal look and think it gives you a longer cleaner line and makes you look taller. I have had a lot of fun with these clear accessories and have carried this little tote all summer (similar here). I would suggest buying one that had a matching pouch inside so you can hide your stuff. Also now that it’s football season some schools require clear small bags and I’ve found a few cute ones to show you. I still like these white ball drop earrings (similar) even though I have had them a couple of seasons. 


I have one Shopping My Closet “white post” left so bear with me. I am determined to finish what I thought was a great idea, my summer just got away from me. Do you ever feel that way? The sermon at church yesterday was about habits. I have a few bad ones like procrastination that I need to break and a few good ones I need to add like staying focused and setting a schedule for writing my blog. I feel like life gets busier the older I get – anyone else??

accessories make the outfit

clear bags and cross body bags for game day

clear shoes and clear bag with white jeans

clear sandals from Schutz

date night whites

Well I am speaking today to some National Sales Directors at Mary Kay and am a little bit nervous. I got up early to finish this crazy blog and now I need to go water my flowers to save them from this 103 degree day. So maybe  you’re still wearing white!! As soon as finish I’m heading to the Y for piloxing then get ready to speak at 1:00. I do love to water my flowers because they bring me joy and I can think in the quiet morning for a bit. I certainly need to collect my thoughts this morning. I woke up after dreaming that the Mary Kay ladies all left the room just when I was going to talk to them about how to sit on the stage and practice walking across the stage when they receive their awards. Nothing to really panic about I hope!!! I have the utmost respect for Mary Kay and the amazing company she started that empowers women and gives them so many opportunities to build their own businesses. 

my garden spring 2019

my garden spring 2019

my garden spring 2019

I hope you have great week and have some fun plans for Labor Day.  I have made a deal with Bill that  usually plan a trip to the East Coast because it’s opening day of some season – maybe dove and he goes hunting. I know we both usually need a break at this point in the summer. He is having foot surgery September 5 so we will be spending a lot of time together while he is recovering. I will be so happy for him to get this surgery behind him. Maybe I will get a lot done staying home!! I will keep you posted!! XO Debby

PHOTOGRAPHY – Mary Summers Hafner (Mary has a great blog too!!)