Shopping Athleisure and What’s On Sale

athleisure wear from nordstrom anniversary sale

Happy Saturday!! I have to admit that I was really looking forward to this weekend. I have had a million workmen in my house for the last 2 weeks or so. It has been pandora’s box of repairs that are not a crisis but have been put off for quite a while. Like replacing the canned lights in our entry hall that were yellowed and looked yucky. But you only notice them if you look up and this house is older and we just did not redo everything 13 years ago when we moved in. Our sprinkler heads all had to be replaced which makes me wonder how much water we have wasted!!! I am also trying to change a closet upstairs into a room for my grand kids because they are multiplying like rabbits and we are thrilled but a little crowded. I love for the few times that they are all home at once and I sure as heck want them to be comfortable and look forward to coming home. Whatever it takes!! I also have been stressed over this Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. It is my first time to participate as a blogger and I am learning a lot. I broke down and got a Nordstrom credit card even though I am trying to pay off all of my bills and swore I would never open another credit card. I still owe on Neiman’s for goodnesses sakes. Anyway I couldn’t sleep because I need to write about shopping athleisure and what’s on sale for those of you who just now can shop. And I only have an hour to write this – so here goes. 


OK here’s the deal. I am learning that if you don’t have a Nordstrom credit card and get to shop early access all the good stuff sells out fast. They supposedly restock but as a blogger I am having a hard time finding items that have a full range of sizes. So what I found on sale was pretty boring. If you don’t mind I am going to include some items that are not on sale too. I love working out and having cute activewear really makes a difference. I hate to admit it but if I don’t have to work or go to lunch I usually run around in my work out clothes. Our lifestyle had gotten really casual unless you have a real job and work in an office or call on clients. It is an interesting evolution in dress code these days. 

over 50 blogger shopping athleisure and what's on sale

 cute work out clothes for a walk

Fashionomics blogger in active wear

fashiomics over 50 blogger in activewear

ray ban sunnies

racer back athleisure and what's on sale

working out in cute leggings

I borrowed my daughter Victoria’s new rescue dog Shep for this shoot. He is just the sweetest companion for her and I know makes her feel safer in Austin and gives her an excuse to explore all of the fun outdoor activities there. Sloan is smitten with Shep. She loves dogs and dog was her first word. When she comes to my house she wants to go straight to the garage because she thinks Shep is in there. (we have an AC and ceiling fans so don’t worry about the Allbright “dog house”!!

I hope you have a really great weekend and will forgive me for this hasty blog post. I am sorry I could not find any cute pattern leggings to show you. The ones I am wearing are hand me downs from my daughter. I love wearing a loose top so cover the muffin top!! Being comfortable is key when working out. I also always wear a ball cap and sunnies and wear sunscreen. Take care of your skin!!.Check out this blog post for summer skin care.  Thanks for reading! XO Debby