Red Boots – A Must for Fall 2017

I recently published my September Issue on Fall Trends for 2017. I was traveling a lot this summer and had tons of help from my friend Curry Heard to get this important newsletter produced!! I also was in Connecticut for Labor Day and getting ready to attend my first ever New York Fashion Week. I think fall is always so rich in beautiful colors and fabrics that this newsletter is one of my favorites. Red is a huge color for fall and one of my all time faves. This season includes all hues of red from hot pink to wine, but I am partial to a true red. I had been reading about the trend in red boots from over-the-knee to booties. On a whim I decided to purchase a pair at Zara while I was shopping in Greenwich, Connecticut. I felt very brave and figured that my friends and family would make fun of me!!! But who cares!!  I was headed to NYFW and thought I might as well make a splash. Zara is the best place to find on trend affordable fashion!!

I will have to say that these red booties really make a statement!! If you wore a longer flared jean they would barely show but still be a fun look. Love the kitten heel for those of you who can’t wear a higher  heel and I have to tell you that these are pretty comfy. I am sporting the all over denim look and it is really easy to wear. I have to laugh because I used to have a lot of rules about not wearing denim with denim. Hahaha. There are no rules anymore!!! I am even seeing denim suits on the runway these days. So I guess denim is here to stay for all occasions and head to toe if you like it that way. The other trend, which my daughter had to enlighten me about, is that front tucking had changed a bit. You just tuck in one side of your shirt. Look around and you will see it everywhere. How did I not notice this before???

One of my favorite things about NYFW was getting to shoot with a really fabulous photographer  Denton Taylor, while we were there. I can’t imagine anything more fun than shooting on the streets of New York. It is just not something I get to do every day. I have tried to show you a variety of options in red booties, denim shirts and jackets and then red earrings in my Shop the Post. I found my red earrings in a store on Broadway that reminded me of the old days of going down to China Town. So much fun poking around in these little shops. Such a deal!!! One of the other highlights of our trip was visiting the Bauble Bar headquarters. It was such a privilege to preview the upcoming Spring 2018 collection. They have fabulous, well priced accessories in store for you. 

Thanks to my friend Cathy Williamson – The Middle Page – for convincing me that I needed to attend NYFW at least once and for going with me when she was exhausted!! Check out her site and follow her blog. You will love it!! And thanks to Denton Taylor for making our photo shoot so easy and knowing just where to get the best light!! Thanks to all of you for reading my blog and not giving up on me during this very hectic summer! The best part was being in Memphis July 13 for the birth of my first grandson, Hunter Wever Jett!!!  XO Debby

Photography – Denton Taylor – Denton Taylor Photography