Packing For Cold Weather

Last spring my daughter Roxanne and I planned a trip to visit my other daughter Victoria who lives in New York City.  We were in NYC and then Connecticut for Easter. The weather was cold, of course, so I really tried to pack efficiently. I always like to pack around a color, usually black, but this time I included some brown as well that could be easily mixed together. When visiting NYC I am always careful to pack shoes, in this case boots, that I can walk miles in, literally!!! It is just not fun if your feet hurt. I usually wear my heaviest pieces on the plane and on this trip we arrived, dropped off our bags and hit the streets. I needed to be warm and comfortable. Obviously I was so impressed with my packing skills that I took photos for a later blog post!!!

I have just gotten used to the fact that if you don’t want to take a huge bag, you have to wear your clothes over and over. Scarves help to make your outfits look different. Solids are always great and a little leopard helps to add some interest. I purposefully did not take a lot of jewelry and I did have to take a dress and dressy bootie for church on Easter Sunday. I also always include work out clothes and tennis shoes because I walk a lot in NYC and I love to go to Zumba with my friend Roxie. I hope you will remember that less is always more when traveling. Packing around a color always helps and keeping shoes to a minimum lightens your load. It’s also fun to shop and you may just pick up an exciting piece or two and you want to have room in your luggage to bring them home!!! One packing trick that always works like a charm is using a dry cleaning plastic bag for any items that you want to protect of keep from wrinkling. 

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