Off-the-Shoulder Tops Under $100


Here we go again, I hope you all had a glorious Easter and much time with family and friends. What a time of renewal and a celebration of faith and the new growth we see springing up all over town. Lots of color and I am loving my new flowers out front!! My favorite time of year. At the beginning of a new season I find myself evaluating my wardrobe as I turnover my closet from fall to spring, etc. This year I realized that I did not feel I had any great “new looking” tops. I really like the off-the- shoulder trend and feel it is a really fun and flattering look. There are so many versions from off-the-shoulder to peek-a-boo tops that just have a cut out and show just a little bit of skin. I also was thinking that my last series of posts all showed some fabulous fashions from Tootsie’s. I love everything in that store and feel they have a great curated buy and selection. I do like expensive things but got such a great response to my “Splurge or Steal” newsletter I shared on the blog that I figured I better show some more affordable price points. I was intending to head to my fave Zara but ran out of time. As in, I always try to schedule too many things in one day. I have a problem with overplanning or I just don’t realize how much time my “To Do” list will take!! So I ended up at NM Last Call which did not entail a trip to the mall. Yay!!! I found a few things I liked that would work for what I am wanting write about. Just adding a few key pieces can make a big difference in making you feel up to date when getting dressed. 

It kind of makes me feel funny after I write a post and then wear the outfit in public. I usually feel anonymous when writing but for some reason I wore this outfit the other day and felt weird. Hard to explain. You also probably think I only have one pair of white jeans, I do have others but these are my favorites and I guess I am lazy and alway grab these Gap skinny’s. I realize that my lifestyle and way of dressing has gotten more casual in the past few years. There was a time when I hardly ever wore jeans, now I wear them almost every day. (when I am not running around in my work out clothes with no make up!!) White jeans are the best and go with almost everything!!! I like denim and for some reason am partial to faded denim. I found this top on the way to the dressing room and think it might be a bit small but it was the only one in the store and I had a deadline!! I also hate to return things and would have had to special order the next size up so, guess what, I just kept it!! I also am not usually a blue person but for some reason this chambray works and I also like the little crochet detailing on the sleeves. Ric Rac (or Rick Rack) trim is cute on the edge of the sleeve. I think this top could be a smidge longer but I’ll just pull it down a bit. It’s NM private label.  I also love wedges and found this pair from Kate Spade a couple of years ago. They go with almost everything and are perfect with the nude patent straps. Wedges are comfortable and give you some height as well.


I am kind of obsessed with these earrings. Do you see how fashion comes together? Wonder why all of the earrings are huge this season?? The shoulders are bare and there is a lot of space to fill in. You can’t wear these earrings with a collared shirt. Well I guess you can wear whatever you want but they are meant to be the showstopper. This is another trend that my closet was missing. I love Bauble Bar, but of course didn’t have time order online. (as if I ever plan that far ahead) I headed over to Dear Hannah, in Snider Plaza and found a great selection. I bought the pink ones and then after pulling this top, went back for the blue ombré. Sooooo cute for $32 or so. I have really enjoyed shopping in this darling boutique and finally met Hannah. Her company is based in LA and she has shops in Hoboken, NJ, Dallas, and now Ft Worth. Her merchandise moves fast so take a peek when you are nearby. 

I wrote a blog a while back about The Bouvier Collection!! My friend Peggy Riggs has incredible taste and a discerning eye and is always making something fabulous. These Happy Baubles are her latest fashion creation and are carried at Elements on Lovers Lane. I thought they were a fun way to accessorize my chambray top with a little sparkle and pizzazz. I posted them on Instagram just before Easter as an idea for your Easter basket.  I love promoting local designers and admire anyone who is clever enough to come up with original ideas and follow up to get them in a store. Connie Sigel, owner of Elements, is a long time friend and I love her boutique. She shops all over the world to find unique and interesting and on trend fashion for her clients. Such a beautiful experience to shop there. I am so glad she also supports local designers and showcases their creative designs.

I cannot even begin to tell you how thrilled I am when I find out that some of you actually read my blog. I am doing the happy dance and hope you are finding some fun ideas and are branching out in fashion. If you are not having fun getting dressed and trying new things then I am not doing my job. As I told a client recently, this is not brain surgery, it’s just clothes!! You are the most important part of the outfit and overall fashion equation. I want you to know that I think each one of you is gorgeous and I appreciate you. Thank you for your comments and ideas and for taking time out of your busy schedule to read my blog!!! 

Off -the-Shoulder Chambray Peasant Top – NM Last Call

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True Skinny Ankle Jeans – Gap

Earrings Dear Hannah, – Similar here and here

Wedges – Kate Spade – Similar here and here and here 

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Elements Clothing – 4400 Lovers Lane Dallas – 214-987-0837

Dear Hannah, – 6713 Snider Plaza Dallas – 469-291-7605

 Last Call Studio – Inwood Village – 5550 W Lovers Lane Dallas – 214-350-2744

PHOTOGRAPHY – Mary Summers Hafner