New York Fashion Week 2017

I had a new experience this year!! I was able to attend NYFW with my  friends and fellow bloggers Heather Anderson (So Heather) ,Tiffany Davros (Street Style Squad) , and Cathy Williamson (The Middle Page). These girls are experienced and dedicated bloggers and I was a glad to tag along and learn from them. You will want to follow all of them!! I have lived in NY and been to visit almost every year but this was experiencing my favorite city in a different way. Cathy had just come in from over a week in Italy and I know she was exhausted. Tiffany was our travel agent planning all of our lunches and dinners at really fun restaurants. Heather and Tiffany made all of the contacts to try to get us into shows ahead of time while Cathy and I were traveling. Heather is my very patient instructor in all things concerning social media!! I have told you before that Cathy talked me into writing a blog. How can I ever repay them for putting up with me??

I think I may have mentioned that we have had a busy summer with travel and the arrival of our first grandson in Memphis, Hunter Wever Jett, which is a huge blessing. I have developed a new survival plan for hunting season and that is to go to Westport, CT for Labor Day since Bill can’t miss opening day of dove season. Soooooo important!!! I was already planning to escape to the East Coast when my sweet friend Cathy invited me to go to New York Fashion Week with her. Actually she said she would go one last time with me!!! I think she regretted that nice gesture after a very long trip to Italy with one day to pack for NY. Yikes!! I was so busy before the trip that I did not have time to shop and was feeling the pressure of looking the part of a fashion blogger!! So when I was in Westport my friend Roxie took me to a really great resale shop, Roundabout, that always has some new things too. I really stepped out of my comfort zone with this dress from Chiari Boni by La Petite Robe. I call it my rubber dress but I guess it is actually neoprene. Kind of like stretchy pleather!! But this is in the trendy color story for fall and I figured what do I have to lose. If you have ever worn these dresses you know they are like Spanx in a dress!!! They run small so you have to size up. You will notice that they are very cleverly designed to camouflage the areas you want to hide!! I have tried to show you a few that are similar to the one I purchased. Several are on sale too!!!


I always try to be a smart shopper and always seem to have a budget!! But I could not resist these Manolo Blank pumps that are the exact color of the dress!! I passed them by at first but Roxie made me try them on. (she is really good at spending another person’s money!! and she has really great taste!!) So I had to have them!! My very first pair of Manolo’s!! Woohoo!! And they were in the box brand new!! So off to NYFW17 with a stretchy leather dress and Monolo Blahnik patent pumps. They are actually very comfortable under normal circumstance. NOT walking several blocks in NY to shoot for this blog!!


Well this dress called for some pretty simple jewelry. It is kind of bare at the top and so I “borrowed” these fabulous earrings from Roxie because I loved the clean lines and gold is always so pretty. She actually bought them at a small shop on a trip. So I will try to show you some similar styles that I think would work as well. Bare shoulders have brought us statement earrings that speak for themselves!! Bauble Bar has some great options.I don’t have an oversized watch yet so I usually wear my simple gold watch with a couple of vintage gold bangles. My clutch is vintage Carlos Falchi. His pieces never go out of style and the leather lasts forever!! The pieces I have collected were worth the investment. I found some on the Real Real if you are interested.





As always thank you so much for reading and being patient with me as I have really neglected writing this blog and have spent time with family and friends. I have had a great summer of travel and I guess I just can’t multi task as much as I wish I could. I hope you will send me any suggestions and I will be posting a packing efficiently for a trip post soon!! XO Debby

PHOTOGRAPHY – Michelle Terris