National Pink Day with Elizabeth Gillett

I hope you are having wonderful summer so far. Here in Texas we have been super duper lucky as far as the typical heat index goes!! We have had lots of rain and no days over 100!! For us that’s huge. Everything is really green as a result of the rain and I have not had to water my garden as much as usual- yet!! I am still in shock that it is almost the 4th of July!! Seriously, what happened to March?? We did have a really fun trip to New York in May but now I wish I could go to the beach and just relax with a good book!! Does anyone else feel like life is racing by and there is too much to do every day? I will look forward to our family vacay to Estes Park at the end of July and sometime in July my little Hunter will be born. I understand I am in for a huge treat and the kind of love I have never experienced before with grandchildren. Woohoo!! Can’t wait!!

I love Elizabeth Gillett and think her designs are so creative, fresh and fabulous for so many reasons!!! She is an amazing artist and paints the designs by hand and then has the artwork made into the prints for her fabrics. Her scarves and tunics are so beautiful. The fabrics are incredible and you can add a lot of pizzazz to your look just by adding one of her pieces. You can read more about her technique in my previous blog Spotlight on Elizabeth Gillett.   Another post I think you might find interesting is Visiting Elizabeth Gillett in NYC because some of these scarves are still available on her website. She makes a limited number in each style so some of the most popular pieces sell out quickly. However, I have found that there are so many beautiful choices that you can always find a scarf, tunic or kimono that fits your style. I wear my Elizabeth Gillett kimono all the time and love the ease of dressing things up a bit. I also have a peach colored poncho that has become one of the go to pieces in my wardrobe. So easy to throw on with solids and look like you put a lot of thought into your outfit!!

Little did I know when I started this blog this morning that this is National Pink Day!! Am I the only person that is so out of touch that I do not know every special day that comes around? There must be a day celebrating everything. Well this worked out well for this blog post and I also got to feature my new really cute hot pink suede platform sandals. They were a steal at DSW that I saw accidentally when I was exchanging my Adidas. How convenient for my shoe collection. And this must be the official Pink Fashion Season because all sorts of hues of pink from blush to fuchsia are in style and right on trend!! Pink is happy, flattering and just plain fun. I wanted you to see the pom pom and crochet detailing up close on this kimono. It is so easy to throw over white jeans and tank or it could be great with black or gray as well for another season. I hope you can see that there are a couple of shades of pink as well as a little touch of blue in the pattern.

Of course this kimono would make a great cover up for your next pool party or beach trip. I just happen to have a hot pink one piece that I think would be perfect with this look.  It is definitely swimsuit season and I always love to have a cute piece to wear over the suit to hide all of the things I don’t want to show. Camouflage is always a good tactic when heading to the pool or beach. This is a perfect addition to your suitcase when you are packing because you can wear it so many ways and it takes up no space in your bag. Just FYI this swim suit comes in so many colors and is very flattering!! I bought it in magenta and black!! 

Happy National Pink Day and hope you have a great weekend. As always, thank you for reading my blogs and you know I love your feedback. I hope you will check out Elizabeth Gillett’s website and find one of her beautiful scarves, tunics, poncho’s or kimono’s to add to your wardrobe. I think she is very well priced and these also make really great gifts. You will have something very unique to give or keep. XO Debby

Elizabeth Gillett – SIA Fuchsia Watercolor Chiffon Kimono – similar here

White Skinny Jeans – Gap

Anne Klein Lalima Sandal – Fuchsia – DSW

La Blanca Island Goddess One Piece X-Back Tank – Everything But Water

Elizabeth Gillett

PHOTOGRAPHY – Mary Summers Hafner (also my creative director and stylist!!)