My Obsession with Snakeskin

Veronica Beard zip front scuba jacket on Dallas Blogger

Hi to all my friends out there and hope you are safe and well. I have struggled with posting a shallow fashion blog post in the midst of this global Coronovirus pandemic/crisis. I do not take any of this lightly and am praying diligently for some solutions and for the health and well being of everyone. I think we are all still kind of in shock and I am not sure that this new reality will sink in for a while. Searching for toilet paper and eggs seems to be more urgent than buying new clothes especially in the light of the stock market reports. Supporting local businesses and people who may no longer be able to work is of urgent importance. Bill and I are planning to order from a local restaurant tonight. We are so lucky that 2 weeks ago we had most of our family home to meet our new grandson Creighton. We had no idea what a luxury that was or how long it will be before we can gather as a family again. I do think we will all appreciate the little things when we get back to normal. Maybe having to slow down is not such a bad thing and I’m reminding myself that regardless of the current circumstances none of God’s promises have changed. He is still watching over us and I am trying to recenter my thoughts and priorities. I do have a lot of time on my hands and writing is a good distraction. It’s a lot more fun than cleaning out closets, working on taxes or organizing the garage!!

My Obsession with Snakeskin

My Obsession with Snakeskin started years ago. That was when you only would ever wear one pop of the pattern. Now all the rules are out the window!! I guess these days the fashion gurus have decreed more is better. I am not yet wearing snakeskin head to toe, but never say never. This is kind of an interesting outfit because only the Shutz snake-print Bette Booties are new (and currently on sale at NM). The tank was a gift from my friend Shelly Mussleman who started 4510 years ago. It also has a matching skirt. The snakeskin clutch is from Vintage Martini and it is still beautiful yet worn. I bought the Veronica Beard Hadley Zip-Front Scuba Jacket at my fave designer resale shop in Westport (Roundabout) and have worn it nonstop. I am so happy to report that I found it currently online at Shopbop.  It is such a great weight and I plan to wear it year round. It’s so comfy because it has some stretch. Plus I love anything Veronica Beard designs. 


This blog is really not just about snakeskin.  I love the wide leg pants I also bought at Roundabout.  I have found several similar pairs to link for you here and here and you can check out this Instagram post if you want more ideas. This outfit is really great year round and with our Texas weather that is always a great option. I wear my silver hoops almost every day and am linking some similar silver hoops from Kendra Scott. She is having a great sale – 20% off your purchase till 3/22.

ALC wide leg pant on over 50 blogger

Snakeskin Bette bootie from Schutz on Fashionomics founder

Neiman Marcus is having a huge sale

Dallas Blogger in black zipper jacket with snakeskin top

Vintage snakeskin clutch from Martini Consignment

I should have titled this Bored and Blogging. Maybe I will save that for the next post. I’ve gotten used to this “more is more” theory and kind of like the snakeskin bootie, top and clutch together. Why not have some fun with your wardrobe? Lord knows we need to keep a good sense of humor these days. I must admit that I have worn this outfit on repeat this year more than any other. 


I also have a snakeskin jacket from Zara that I wear all the time. Check out this blog from last spring. Trends tend to stay around so don’t think you are wasting your money on something like a jacket or bootie or anything that pops your wardrobe. I clean out closets for a living and I always believe in hanging onto a great piece that still fits well and looks current. Just buy what you like and feel great in. My wardrobe is pretty basic so I like to have some fun accessories like snakeskin. This is actually python I have realized from my research.

Snakeskin trend on Dallas blogger

Veronica Beard Hadley Zip-Front Scuba jacket

My Obsession with Snakesin

Schutz Bette bootie in snakeskin on Debby Fashionomics

My obsession with snakeskin

I have to say I am more thankful than ever to have a blog to write since there will be no modeling jobs for a while and as most stores are closed, shopping with clients is on hold for now. I’m pretty sure none of my clients are going to ask me to come into their closets even though it’s time for spring cleaning and transferring from fall to spring. I have actually been battling a cold, now turned into a sinus infection for over a week. I am glad to have my energy back and have to say I was able to take naps if I needed to because what else would I do at home all day?  I am so grateful that any of you would read my ramblings on fashion and I hope it will be a nice distraction from the new reality of social distancing. Window shopping is always fun even if you don’t want to buy anything. Hang in there and know that I am praying for your health and sanity and survival skills. I do hope you can find some toilet paper and the essentials without too much trouble!! Haha. That is our new reality!! XO Debby

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