My Fave Stripe Shirt – Looking Sharp on any Trip

my fave stripe shirt from JMClaughlin

I hope you had a fantastic July 4th holiday and you are looking forward to some fun travels this summers. I always feel like summer is about over after July 4 but really it is only the halfway mark and we have lots of time for travel ahead. I like to have comfortable, classic, multipurpose pieces in my suitcase when I travel. This is my fave stripe shirt from JMcLaughlin and you will be looking sharp on any trip and can wear a shirt like this lots of ways. I fell in love with the different stripe pattern, longer length and cool fabric. I know there are a lot of stripe shirts out there but I thought this was a little different with the horizontal and vertical stripe and it is now available in aqua and orange. (I know I am late again!! JMcLaughlin sells out fast I am learning.)


Whoever invented “front tucking” is a genius because it allows you to hide the “muffin top” but still accentuate your waist. Just try it sometime. Compare how you look with your shirt out and then tuck it in the front loosely and leave the back out. Here I have done a “left tuck” (which I learned from my way cooler daughter Victoria) which means you tuck in the left side and leave the other side out (only works with a button down type style). I was attracted to this shirt because it is longer but not oversized. Ladies like a shirt or blouse that will cover the behind area and this one does the trick. Rolling up your sleeves gives you a much more free and casual look (unless you are freezing of course). I think this is a great top for any season and especially versatile for travel.

stripe shirt from JMcLaughlin

ready for summer travel in head to toe JMcLauglin

Dallas blogger in stripe shirt

Over 50 blogger in stripe shirt with straw cross body bag.

Michael Kors Watch and silver ring by Brenda Schoenfeld worn by Debby Allbright

Dallas wardrobe consultant suggests rolling your sleeves

longer shirt tail on JMcLaughlin stripe shirt

I love to travel and think it makes your life so much easier if you have great pieces that you can wear a lot of different ways. I think this shirt is cool for shopping or traveling in warmer climates because the fabric is light weight and doesn’t wrinkle too badly. (as in I can wear it several times before washing). Adding this bright coral cashmere sweater gives you an important piece for flying (always freezing on the plane) or out to dinner in the evening (always freezing in restaurants or theaters).(comes in several colors) These cropped jeans are perfect for spring/summer travels and you could add a longer jean for cooler climates. I always choose a comfortable shoe for sightseeing and shopping. You can get a lot of mileage out of this great belt because it is reversible!! (comes in several colors)  I like to be hands free when traveling so I have a collection of cross body bags for convenience and safety. Are these the cutest readers you have ever seen???  


As my husband says travel is not what it used to be so being efficient with your packing is key. My girls make fun of me because I rarely travel with a carry on mainly because I am old and need a lot of beauty items!! I help a lot of my clients with packing for trips and I like to include versatile items that can be mixed and matched to make several outfits. Layering is key because you never know when you will be hot or cold depending on the weather or indoor AC conditions. I included a couple of shots from another recent blog post to show you how easy it is to mix and match when packing for a trip by adding a blouse like this silk shirt in the race day pattern. These blouses have two totally different looks and can be worn several different ways. 

Coral Cashmere Sweater for travel

Over 50 blogger in coral cashmere sweater

comfy neutral wedges from JMcLauglin

This is the perfect outfit for shopping on a trip

Sightseeing in JMcLaughlin coral sweater and stripe shirt

Coral sweater over the shoulder

Versatile travel outfit from JMcLaughlin

I hope you are having a somewhat relaxing summer (is that ever really possible??). We had a fun trip to DC for Liz’s graduation in May and then a vacation to Santa Fe to celebrate our 13 anniversary  in June. Why do I still feel like I need a vacation?? Am I ungrateful (as my husband likes to think) or just tired or do I need like a month long restful vacation somewhere out of range of social media or cell service. Maybe I need a silent retreat at a monastery in the woods. I told Bill that I am taking a staycation and am off duty next week and that we are going out to eat every night. He was not too happy. But does anyone else get tired of grocery shopping and stopping your day at 5:00 every day to cook dinner for 2 people in addition to working and scheduling umpteen repairmen? (which I literally spent all last week doing). Now I am waiting for them to come!! But hey, I got a whole blog written today waiting the electrician. We have no light in our closet!! I am so thankful for my hard working husband, thanks for listening!! XO Debby


Stripe Shirt – similarsimilarsimilarScallop JeanNeutral Wedge

Coral Cashmere SweaterReadersStraw BagBelt – Gold Earring – similar

Silk ShirtPolarized Sunglasses 

PHOTOGRAPHY – Mary Summers Hafner

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