Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Under $50

I received a challenge to keep my Mother’s Day Gift ideas for the blog around $50. Well this has been kind of fun, especially since I have already written my monthly Fashionomics Newsletter and so those gifts are more of a splurge. Mother’s Day is a very special occasion when we honor our mothers, grandmothers and those remarkable women in our lives who have impacted us in a significant way. I have said this before and it bears repeating; “It takes a village to raise a child.” (I have always given Hillary Clinton credit for that saying but just read that it is an African proverb. It is so true and when she said it, it made an impact.) I was kind of surprised one year when I realized that I was a mom too and someone was celebrating me; very humbling. I always thought of Mother’s Day as being about my mother. Being a mom is a privilege for which I am very grateful; it is an honor, a joy and a huge responsibility! Did I say that it is more fun than I ever imagined and I wouldn’t trade one second of the journey for anything in this world.? I am so very thankful for all of the friends, teachers, pastors, coaches,  camp counselors and nannies who have invested in and loved my children and have helped me along the way. I am very aware of the fact that I could never have managed on my own for all of those years without God’s provision of these amazing people in our lives. Now, after marrying my handsome husband,Bill, I am blessed to have 5 adult children, a daughter in law and son in law. Talk about fun!!!!! Can’t wait for the beach trip this summer when we can all be together!! Woohoo!!!!
I also want to acknowledge that some of you may have lost your mom or that special person close to you and so this is a difficult holiday for you. It seems that for every celebration there are some that are feeling the sting of loss instead of happiness. I hope that there is someone who will wrap her arms around you and let you know that you are loved and treasured. It may not be a substitute for the real thing on Mother’s Day but the village is there for you too.
Now on to the fun stuff like gifts you might want to consider purchasing for your mom, family member or special friend. I searched around as much as I am able since I am a little inept at things on the internet. I hate to admit that I am the kind of person who likes to touch and feel and try on what I am buying. But a lot of the things I am suggesting I have seen in person or just couldn’t resist sharing. I shopped at Henri Bendel when I was in New York over Easter and love the uniqueness of their gifts. I am recently kind of obsessed with me&re design and think you will have fun on their website. I first saw their cute coolers on Instagram. You can pretty much custom design everything. I kind of broke one of my rules that gifts need to be fun and something the person would not buy for herself and cannot involve housework. However, I could not resist sharing the spiralizer which I recently purchased and everyone I know is loving theirs. Bill will tell you that I am picking up more than I am cooking these days. Hey, we are empty nesters and he is not picky!!! But I love to eat healthy and this spiralizer is quick and easy  once you get the hang of it (great substitute for pasta). You need the cookbook and there are tons of recipes on Pinterest as well. HAPPY SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!