tumblr_mstzricrQy1rpwhvdo1_r1_1280I have heard it said that “The eyes are the window of the soul”. I could not find any definite resource of this saying except that it is a proverb but I think we all get what it means. You can learn a lot about a person by looking into her eyes. As women we spend a much time and money trying to enhance the appearance of our eyes pretty much on a daily basis. The eyelashes have a lot to do with the beauty of a woman’s eyes, at least in our cosmetic obsessed culture in America. Women “bat” their eyelashes when wanting to flirt and flutter or lower them when wanting to appear demure. If you were not blessed to be born with long black eyelashes like my brother then I have some suggestions for you!!! I have noticed that boys seem to score in the eyelash department for some unfair reason. I was always jealous because my brother had the clearest blue eyes and long dark lashes. At least I am a brunette and have dark lashes that are reasonably long, I guess. I know that if you are a blonde, which has its obvious benefits (maybe I always wanted to be blonde too), waking up with no make up on in the morning can be a problem if you have blonde eyelashes. You might be looking kind of like a ghost, no offense intended. Of course there are MANY solutions to every beauty dilemma that can be solved in a myriad of ways taking various amounts of time, commitment and money. I work with a lot of make up artists and I have been polling them for their favorite mascaras, lash extensions, lash growth serums and curlers. So here goes…..


The cosmetic industry must be a gazillion dollar industry world wide. It seems our looks can always be improved and we are forever seeking the next best beauty product or secret. One of the quickest and most obvious solutions to longer, thicker eyelashes is mascara. There are hundreds of choices available from luxury name brands to drugstore brands that are sometimes made by the fancier companies. (Like L’Oreal is made by Lancome). I use Maybelline Lash Discovery Mini Brush Mascara in Black for my first coat. I love the really skinny little brush to get the process started. Then I use Almay One Coat Thickening Mascara in Blackest Black for the next few coats. I do not like waterproof mascara unless I am going to be crying or in water because it is too hard to remove. I like these two mascaras because they do not flake and I wear hard contacts and can’t stand flakiness. I had heard that Maybelline The Falsies Volume Express was really good but on me it flaked into my contacts. It does make your lashes really thick. I just remember I have also used Cover Girl LashBlast Volume Mascara and really liked the funny brush I have heard that Benefit Lash Out Mascara is great as well as Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes.  A lot of make up artists still use the tried and true Cover Girl Great Lash in the green and pink tube (new tube design I noticed). All of the names of these mascaras are very descriptive and enticing.

EYELASH CURLER:stylecaster_lashes21

I think that everyone should curl her eyelashes unless you were lucky enough to be born with curly eyelashes. It is amazing what a difference it makes. Curling your eyelashes really opens up your eyes and it just frames everything and is so pretty. You are not supposed to curl your eyelashes after applying mascara because it could pull out your lashes. I have to confess that my lashes are so straight (weird because my hair is wavy, a little curly) that they won’t stay curled unless I apply a light coat of mascara (I like Maybelline Lash Discovery Mini Brush Mascara but beware!!!), let it dry, curl, then apply the next coat of mascara. I warned you not to do it!!! As far as I am concerned the ONLY great eyelash curler is Shu Uemura. Most make up artists would agree. Unfortunately these curlers are no longer available in stores as far as I know. You can order from or I just ordered 5 from with no tax or shipping. I do not know how the design of this curler works so perfectly to curl your lashes with out pinching your eyelid. Just trust me on this!!!!!!!

EYE MAKE UP REMOVER:a1c2c550db4abc6625be947fdfe7e0c0

 I will continue to preach the importance of cleansing your face every night before you go to bed and that definitely includes removing your eye make up. It is not always super easy to get all of the mascara off. I like to use CVS Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover (compare to L’Oreal)(it’s a liquid) Almay Oil Free Gentle Eye Makeup Remover Pads, and Clinique Naturally Gentle Eye Makeup Remover (it’s a cream). Why do I have so many, you may want to ask? I guess some work better than others at certain times and I like all of these and mix it up a little. Some nights it takes more than one to get the job done.  I also have a sample and want to try True Lash Lash-Enhancing Eye Makeup Remover. It supposedly helps your lashes grow and I am a huge fan of Kate Somerville and trust her products. I use several of her products but they are expensive so I fill in with a few drugstore brands for things like eye makeup remover. I am sure there are other eye make up removers that enhance lash growth. Pick up any fashion magazine and check out the cosmetic ads and articles for updates. ALWAYS take great care when working around your eye area. It is very sensitive and you want to keep the delicate tissue intact for as long as possible. Try not to pull or tug the skin near your eyes. You are worth a little TLC!!!


Everyone seems to want longer and thicker eyelashes these days. There are more products on the market than I realized that supposedly help your eyelashes grow. As with anything else, you may get what you pay for her. I have only tried one of the products once for a very short time because it made my eyes feel numb and a little irritated. I have read several revues on the internet (Google-source of all information these days) on different products and I think every individual is unique and I suggest that you do your research before trying any of these products. You can consult your dermatologist or plastic surgeon, your trusted cosmetic sales person or canvas your friends. I can only share the limited knowledge I have acquired and admit that I will try one of these products in the future. I found a list of things you should look for when choosing one for yourself.  Good Eyelash Growth Serums Should:                                                                                                                                                                        

1. Provide nutrients and essentials to stimulate follicles for better eyelash growth.  
2. Work in a reasonable period of time – ideally first results show in 3-6 weeks.
3. Darken eyelashes to make more noticeable.
4. Stimulate eyelashes to curl and provide strength for eyelashes.                                                      
5. Have convenient packaging or easy care and application.                                                                  
6. Do more good than harm.  Another article suggested (EyelashGrowthSerurm.Reviews)
*Make sure the treatment is dermatologist and ophthalmologist approved                                      
*Focus on paraben-free eyelash growth serums                                                                                      
*Consider products that contain essential vitamins, proteins, peptides and other rejuvenating  ingredients that can replenish your eyelash structure                                                                    
*Search  products that contain glycoprotein, panthenol and hyaluronic acid, as these affective ingredients the capacity to stimulate hair follicles’ growth, and to make lashes stronger                
*Since eyebrows also play a fundamental role in your overall aspect, we advise you to opt for a serum that can be used to improve sparse eyebrows, too.                                                       

 LATISSE was introduced in 2009 by Allergan and was designed to treat glaucoma but a side effect was longer, fuller lashes. It was the first FDA approved drug for eyelash growth. It requires prescription and costs around $150 for a 30 day supply and comes with individual applicators to avoid contamination from one eye to the other.  There are possible side effects such as redness in the eye, brown on the eye lid or changing of the color of the eye.

NEULASH ENHANCING SERUM by Skin Research Laboratories does not require a prescription and is available at Neiman Marcus and online. It sells for $95 for 3.2 ml and $150 for 6 ml and reviews say that it lasts longer than Latisse because of the application process. NeuLash supposedly has good results.

REVITALASH is available online and has a new formula and is a conditioner. The reviews I read said it is one third the price but the results are not as good as Latisse. RAPID LASH is around $50 but reviews said it is not as good as Latisse. Rapid Lash was involved in a law suit recently and was required to remove the ingredient isopropyl cloprostentate that likely allowed it to give Latisse – like results for a fraction of the cost. LILASH is sold in spas and salons and I read mixed reviews on this product. FYSKO is made with natural ingredients for longer and fuller lashes sold in spas, salons, online. Fusion Beauty StimuLash Fusion Lash Enhancing Mascara, L’Orea Double Extend Lash Boosting Mascara and Peter Thomas Roth Lashes to Die For The Liner are all products that claim to promote lash growth while functioning as a mascara or eye liner as well. I am sure the results differ by  individual and obviously everyone has jumped on this bandwagon!! Check it out.



I wanted to look this up and Wikipedia says Eyelash Extensions is a practice that enhances the length, thickness and fullness to natural eyelashes. THe extensions may consist of silk, mink, or synthetic hair. Methods of applying the extensions include full strips, clusters and individual, one by one extensions. I think there are several processes which can involve glue, weaving or threading. I have seen beautiful lashes on friends and makeup artists who choose this path for enhancing the thickness and length of their lashes and I have to say they were stunning. There are many salons that offer these services and I would suggest finding someone with personal experience and after seeing the results in person take their recommendation. There is nothing like first hand experience as a guide. I know these do take maintenance as I assume they grow out and have to be redone just like your hair color and cut.



I love false eyelashes and always wear them for black tie or fancy cocktail parties and when modeling in fashion shows. They really enhance the eyes and make them pop (as in stand out and look super fabulous).  Makeup artists are the best at applying them of course and there are many options for false eyelashes, as well. You can buy lashes on a band or in sets of  individual lashes (good luck applying those by yourself!!). I can manage to put on some false eyelashes but they are sometimes a little crooked. It is not an exact science or my hand is not that steady. If I am modeling in a fashion show there is always another model around to straighten them up or if I am really lucky there will be a makeup artist to add the professional touch. Liquid eyeliner can cover some flaws!!! False eyelashes are available at CVS, Walgreens, Sally’s, Sephora and almost anywhere you can buy cosmetics. I like the Ardell Babies because my friend LB Rosser suggested those and they are not too thick. You can buy half lashes or cut a strip in half and just apply to the outer half or corner of your eye. I use Ardell Duo Lash Adhesive and still like the white glue because I can see it and then it dries clear. It is also available in clear and black. I have never heard anyone recommend the black glue.  They really make a huge difference in your look for special occasions. CAUTION: DO NOT RIP those lashes off at the end of the evening like Jane Fonda in the last scene of the opening show of Grace and Frankie this season on Netflix!!!! Get some eye make up remover and a Q-Tip and apply some remover till the eyelash comes off easily otherwise you will rip your eyelashes out and then you will have less to flutter which defeats the whole purpose!! “Beauty knows no pain!”