I Feel Bad About My Neck


If you haven’t read the late Nora Ephron’s book I Feel Bad About My Neck I highly recommend it. She is such an incredible writer (When Harry Met Sally and Sleepless in Seattle) and she is hilarious and very relatable for those of us who are not 20 anymore!! She advocates wearing turtle necks as a solution to the aging neck!! If you read my blogs this summer about my experience at Bella MD you already know that I have started the process of experimenting with some non-invasive procedures to repair or slow down the aging process. I was getting ready for my son’s wedding and decided to try to eliminate some major sun damage. (Bella MD and my Photofacial and Chemical Peel  and then     Bella MD – The Results ) About 3 weeks after treatment I was booked for a photo shoot for Ultherapy.com which is a noninvasive ultrasound treatment that lifts and tightens, reviving and creating collagen. I was very thankful that I had just had the Photofacial and Chemical Peel and my skin looked much better. You have to remember that this is advertising and the ad above states that I am a model. It may not be a true testimonial but I can say that I got great results from other treatments at Bella MD and they do offer the Ultherapy. (25% off through October). Ask for Sarah Humphrey and go in for a consultation to see what would work best for you. Tell her I sent you. She is great!!!


Clarins Shaping Facial Lift Wrap

I have to admit that I borrowed this Clarins info and  idea from another blogger, Kathleen Jennings/Beauty Now. She is super woman and I just saw her instagram post. She wore a facial mask in the delivery room!!! Just had her third baby!! I am not quite that dedicated!! I think you can trust her research and commitment.  blog.beautynowapp.com



I have a good friend who saw Crepe Erase on an infomercial and decided to give it a try for $39.95. She could see a difference after using it for a while. Jane Seymour does their advertising and she looks great!! I usually like to recommend products that I have tried but this time I am relying on some friends and experts. The Crepe Erase Essentials System includes Intensive Body Repair Treatment and Exfoliating Body Polish. There is a free eye cream treatment offer on the website at this time. 

I hope you are loving this fabulous fall weather. I am heading to Chicago for a long weekend and I’ll keep you posted on my travels and some fun shopping on Michigan Avenue. I am so looking forward to seriously wearing fall clothes and that means that I have to transfer my own closet this week. As always, thanks so much for reading and I love hearing from you. I get some great ideas and product recommendations from my readers.

XO Debby