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How to style patterned jeans for your summer trips on Fashionomics Blog

Happy Wednesday and I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend. I am a week behind on my blog as usual but I did have a fun weekend. We went out to brunch on Sunday after church so I didn’t have to cook and that was great!! I am sure that you will agree that even on special occasions Mom usually has to do most of the work and planning!!! Since it almost summer and you are probably looking forward to traveling and are wanting  some versatile outfits I thought I would talk about how to style patterned jeans today. Adding prints to your wardrobe gives you lots of options to mix and match which is great when you are packing for a trip. You can take less pieces and have quite a few cute outfits.


You may have noticed lately that I have become a huge fan of J.McLaughlin and shop there quite a bit with my clients. Their line of sportswear is so easy to wear and pack and I love the options like these patterned jeans that have so many pretty colors. This style comes in 14 colors so if it fits you well you should stock up!! You probably have some great things in your closet that would work or you could wear this pink sweater (comes in 4 colors) and chambray shirt. Everything I am wearing could go with so many other pieces and make several great outfits. I have a chambray shirt similar to this one and I wear it all the time. I have chosen to use it like a jacket here but you could add this blue sweater (or coral), or a Gap white denim jacket.(I bought one for me and one for Sloan!) Scarves are perfect for traveling because they add variety to your outfit and can serve as a wrap if you are going out in the evening. This pink pinstripe scarf with tassels is super cute and lightweight  and and comes in 7 colors. 

Dallas blogger in J.McLaughlin printed pants and chambray shirt

how to style patterned jeans for spring and summer travel

Fashionomics over 50 blogger in travel outfit

A great scarf can make an outfit

This scarf comes in 7 colors and can be worn a variety of ways

I know this may sound weird but the more I look at these patterned jeans and this whole outfit I think it is so perfect for summer travel!! Where should we go?? I am going to Santa Fe for my anniversary in June and I can see this on my trip. These jeans are super comfy and layering gives you options if the weather changes. Where are you going in the near future? I would love to hear your travel plans and what you are packing. 


J.McLaughlin has quite a selection of great casual shoes as you saw in my last post. These flat patent leather sandals are perfect for running around sightseeing or shopping. They come in 4 colors. Love this tote bag in blue with green lining; it’s the best for travel because it snaps closed at the top and is soft and could be folded to carry in your suitcase. A great pair of sunnies is a must for running around fun places. I don’t like to carry a lot of jewelry when I travel so I usually wear my silver hoops and couldn’t resist showing off my cool silver diamond dust ring by Brenda Shoenfeld

Accessories make the outfit

Blue tote with green lining is perfect for travel this summer

J.McLaughlin has a great selection of sunglasses

Patent leather flat sandals come in 4 colors

Love my diamond dust silver ring by Dallas jewelry designer Brenda Schoenfeld

Dallas blogger Debby Allbright loves to travel

I am really looking forward to a restful vacay in Santa Fe with Bill in June celebrating our 13 year anniversary. First, as in tomorrow, we are going to DC for our daughter’s graduation from Georgetown and that will be a very active trip. So thankful that Victoria will be with us to celebrate Liz in this beautiful city. I need to finish this so I can go downstairs and pack!! I love to travel more than anything and have a very long bucket list of places I want to see and experience. Let me know where you are going this summer. I would love to hear about your plans and get some ideas for our future travels. Thanks for reading and hope you are having a great week. May is always kind of hectic for moms. Slow down and take care of you!!! XO Debby 


Patterned JeanChambray ShirtPink SweaterPink Tassel Scarf

Navy Patent SandalBlue ToteTortoise SunniesSilver Hoops

Fashionomics and how to style patterned jeans

J.McLaughlin – 4040 Villanova (Preston Center East) – 214-890-7994 – Christy Callahan mgr

Brenda Schoenfeld – 3911 Oak Lawn Avenue – Dallas – 972-685-6656

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