Holiday Decor Ideas

Cristmas decor on Haynie 2017 and holiday-decor-ideas

Can you believe it is that time of year ?? Time to decorate for Christmas and it’s not even Thanksgiving. It is not my style to be this far ahead!!! Our kids are all coming home for Thanksgiving so it takes a little pressure off Christmas. I had wondered how Hunter would handle my tree (I do go over the top and have a real tree) but I will have to wait till next year for him to destroy it!!! haha I wanted to share a few of my fave holiday decor ¬†ideas for this season! I always admire my friends who have color co-ordinated decorations because mine are kind of collected and the same every year and usually red and green.¬†

More to come on Holiday Decor Ideas and more. Stay tuned but I gotta go get my manicure!! Love you all and thanks for reading! XO Debby