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I hope you had a great weekend!! We had a nice surprise last week with a visit from Liz for Bill’s BD. She is getting her MBA at Georgetown and it was such a treat for all of us to have a little time with her. Then this weekend I helped Victoria move to her new apartment. It was quite a workout but she is settled in record time and I am very impressed with her progress. It is her first time since she went off to college, then NYC to have her very own space. I am excited for her. We even survived IKEA on a Sunday!!!!! So now on to handbags. I featured some really pretty smaller bags to go with your Easter dresses from Anthropologie last week on the blog. This week I want to share some of my favorite handbags for all occasions.  I will be showing some I featured in the past and then you can shop my boutique of new bags and ideas at all price points. From the belt bag ( I have always loved a fanny pack) to the evening bag and everything in between, I hope you will find some inspiration for your wardrobe this spring.


Whether you are running errands, meeting friends for lunch, having a date night or going to a cocktail party or black tie wedding, I have a bag for you. I tried to show you some ideas for outfits from some of my previous blog posts. You can shop my boutique widget for some current bags that are available at a variety of price points. Have fun!!! And remember Fashionomics is always available to help you with your closet organization and wardrobe needs!! XO Debby

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