Goals for Good Health – Not Just a New Year’s Resolution

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Happy Thursday and hope you are having a great week. Where did January go?? It is very appropriate that we have been having lots of strong winds lately because this month has flown by! I wonder how you are coming along on those New Year’s Resolutions? Or did you even bother making any this year? I like to think of it more as Goals for Good Health because that is not just a temporary fix. My cute little daddy passed away 4 years ago yesterday. Jan 22, 2015. I miss him so much and he taught me to eat healthy which was irritating when I was younger but had long lasting benefits. He also ran a mile every day until he was in his 80’s. “Everything in moderation daughter” was what he used to tell me and it’s a pretty good rule to follow. My dad lived to be 94 and had very few health issues besides arthritis later on. I learned from him that eating healthy and exercising are important ingredients for a life well lived. 


I am not fancy in my workout routine. I love the YMCA in my neighborhood and enjoy taking classes there. That’s mainly because I need someone to tell me what to do and a set time to go. I have made a lot of cute friends in my classes and especially look forward to Piloxing. My friend Kristy teaches a bad “a” class in the afternoons and I am always sore afterwards. I like walking with my friend Peggy or my daughter and her baby Sloan. I try to work out most days (Barre,  Yoga and Interval Training Classes are on rotation as well)  except Wednesday when I get my manicure at Lovers Lane Barber Shop!! Gap and Old Navy are my fave places to shop for work out clothes. The Y is great because no one cares how you look. It’s a no make up or jewelry kind of place if you know what I mean. My kids actually gave me fancy Lululemon leggings for Christmas!! Woohoo, I felt special.

Over 50 blogger loves Gap for work out clothes

Gap leggings and top for work out goals 2019

Dallas bloggers work out all year in Gap and Old Navy active wear

I love that the pants come in compression leggings and most are high wasted. The tops that are a bit floaty are my fave to hide the midsection!! In my opinion this is the best light weight hoodie ever!! I have it in 3 colors. Do you have trouble finding jackets that zip all the way down?? These are great in light weight and fleece. This compression jacket is a copy of one I have that cost a whole lot more!!!


The other ingredient in the formula of Goals for Good Health is eating healthy. As I said, my dad taught me well and it has stuck with me all these years. Not that I don’t love to cheat on some chocolate, Harry’s Frozen Custard or other salty delights and of course wine!! But finding an eating plan that works for you, that is easy and doable and that you like, will help you stick with it long term. I think there are some great “diets” that may be a little extreme that can get weight loss kick started but most of those are hard to follow with no end in sight. No sweets, no wine, no bread forever…..!! I guess I’m lucky because I can’t eat dairy but that would be out too. When I need to get back on track I always go to the Whole 30 Eating Plan. This cookbook is quick and easy using simple healthy food. I admit that I might cheat a little but this is a great guideline. 

Gap is great for well priced active wear

Over 50 blogger in Gap fit work out gear

Asics shoes fit a narrow foot

I don’t usually wear a top with an open back but I thought this blue was so pretty and the top is loose in the front. The jog bra actually fits me (this one too) and these leggings are kind of fun (a bit wild for me haha). All Gap and on sale of course. Best deals in town especially if you have a Gap card. Asics is my shoe of choice when working out because I have a narrow foot. I buy the same style every year because I know it fits!! I’m boring!! My friend Roxie was supposed to come for a visit this week but the weather on the east coast got in the way. Also she wanted to visit the Presidential libraries in Austin and College Station which are closed due to the government shutdown. Maybe next month!!! Thanks for reading!! XO Debby

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PHOTOGRAPHY – Mary Summers Hafner