My Favorite Fall Jackets Under $100

My favorite-fall-jackets for under $100

I hope you had a fantastic weekend and got caught up like I did. I am writing this on Saturday to post on Monday and praying that I really do get my closet turned over!! Isn’t it just pitiful that I am a closet organizer and spend may time giving advice to my clients but can’t help myself!!? It’s finally cold enough to get serious about pulling out those jackets and coats so I wanted to share some of my favorite fall jackets. My theory is that you always need a third piece to pull and outfit together and a jacket is the most natural choice – for looks and warmth. 


I was shopping with Victoria last week and went by Zara and guess who ended up with a purchase. The most fabulous faux snakeskin jacket just jumped out at me and a couple (or 3) shiny tops to go with some sequin pants for the holidays. Haha- as if we ever get invited  to fancy holiday parties – but I’ll be ready. In this blog post I decide to take a break from my pricey outfits and search for some great looking well priced jackets under $100. 


You will be glad to know that  I actually did manage to get my closet changed over!! I think I can get dressed for this cold weather and feel more pulled together now. I have to confess that I wish I had gotten rid of a lot more items and plan to tackle that another day. I drove past a house tonight that is all lit up for Christmas and now I am feeling a major panic. I am not sure how I will get it all done this year because I am trying to move my mom in December!! Well first I will tackle Thanksgiving!! Thanks so much for reading and let me know if I you have any questions or comments. XO Debby