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Several years ago I added Public Speaking to my Fashionomics resume. I think it comes from my background in teaching as well as acting. I really enjoy working with the different organizations and tailor my speaking topics to the needs of each group. My experience in fashion and my love of organization are the main components that inspired me to start Fashionomics.
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I am a closet organizer and wardrobe consultant and the best part of my job is meeting new people and working one on one with my clients. The knowledge I have acquired from organizing closets and shopping with clients is the basis for my speaking engagements. My background as a teacher, actress, spokesperson and fashion model is very useful when making interesting presentations to groups of any size. Whether speaking to a group of moms, teens or an office of business professionals required to adhere to a dress code, I love helping my audience understand current trends, dressing for success, packing for trips or favorite tips for organizing your closet. Fashion is meant to be fun! 
My speaking events focus on the latest trends of the season but I always have to start with the foundation. Whether it is encouraging great skin care routines before applying the newest make up looks or making sure my clients have the proper lingerie before figuring out which styles work best for their body types, it’s what’s underneath and unseen that sets the stage for a fabulous make over. It goes without saying that I will emphasize the importance of editing and organizing the closet before “shopping with a purpose and a budget”!
I jokingly call this my “dog and pony” show because I like to bring lots of visual aids. I think women love to see the fashions in person and feel the fabric, get an idea of the colors and textures, etc. I feel like it is my job to interpret the runway trends and bring them to life for the women in my audience. I usually pull clothes, shoes and accessories from a local store and love showing the latest trends up close and personal. I like to talk about the importance of fit and proportion and stress the necessity  of including alterations in your clothing budget. I am very lucky to work closely with some lingerie reps who come and share their knowledge of what goes under all of these beautiful fashions. The latest trends in beauty are included as well as the importance of editing and organizing the closet before shopping. I really like it if I can walk around as I am speaking so that my audience feels at ease and will be comfortable asking questions. I learn a lot from the questions I am asked and this helps me in serving my clients as well.

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Speaking Topics include:
Wardrobing and Closet Organization
Current Fashion Tips & Trends
Dressing For Your Size & Body Type
Do’s and Don’ts
Hair, Make-Up & Beauty Tips
Dressing Within a Business Dress Code
Dressing Within Your Budget (When to splurge or save)
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