Fashionomics Nail Report

Manicures and Pedicures are kind of a norm these days. I have to admit that this is one area of beauty treatments that I schedule on a regular basis (besides my hair cut and color appointments) I have been modeling for quite some time and came out of an era where we were expected to look our best every day and be ready for the next booking at a moment’s notice. I also had a career as a hand model and got into the habit of having a manicure every week as a part of my business and it’s professional requirements.
I have to admit that I am very particular about my manicures and I know exactly what I want in that department. I am also really boring because I always am requested to have neutral nails (hands and feet) for photo shoots. I like an American manicure and thankfully have the very best manicurist!!!
I was delighted to find KK at The Lovers Lane Barber Shop when I moved back to the Park Cities over 20 years ago. Needless to say I am also very loyal because I love KK and she is “spot on” with every manicure and pedicure.
The Lovers Lane Barber Shop is a very special place. It is a little bit like a step back in time as it has been a barber shop since 1938 and is the only original business remaining on “The Miracle Mile”. KK’s father Red Mikulek worked for the original owner in 1958, then became a partner in the 1960’s. Red and his wife Flo bought the shop in the 1970’s and were both much sought after barbers. It is an institution in the Park Cities and grandfathers, fathers and sons have been coming to get hair cuts for generations.
In 1989 KK decided she wanted to join the family business and opened a space in the back for manicures and pedicures. At the present time there are four girls in the back; Karen Atkinson and Melissa Amick – co owners, and Cathy Beckett and Roderica Giordano. It is impossible to describe the camaraderie that is present in the back room.
I have a standing 9:00 appointment on Wednesday mornings. I have gotten to know the clients that come before and after me and we have a lot of fun. If I go at a different time of day for some reason I always reconnect with friends. KK is like part of my family and we have watched each other’s kids grow up, counseled each other through many times of joy and sadness and have a lot of laughs. My son grew up going to KK’s father Red for his haircuts and then when Red was battling cancer, we went over to visit with his favorite yellow roses. I also made sure to have my “French pedicure” that Red loved. He and Flo ran an amazing business together that served (and still does) our community in many ways above and beyond providing haircuts and manicures. “Gossip Responsibly” is one of the funniest sayings that has come out of LLBS. Callie Curnes named it “The One Stop Gossip Shop” in the most loving way!!!
The Lovers Lane Barber Shop is truly more than a spot for manicures and pedicures, it is a place where memories are made, friendships develop and all of the worlds problems are solved on a daily basis. It is a known fact that if you to know need anything; like getting a new fence, buying a computer or refrigerator, fixing your iPhone, best hotel in another city, finding household help,  a tutor, doctor, florist, closet organizer or wardrobe consultant *:) happy; to name a few problems needing to be solved; someone at the Barber Shop will have the answer!! Speaking of memories, I got engaged at Lovers Lane Barber Shop 4-5-06. Bill planned the whole thing with the help of KK and the girls. KK’s mom Flo was in on it and they even had a beautiful and delicious cake for us from the famous Casa Linda Bakery. We have a video and there is a photo book at LLBS to prove it. Lover’s Lane – get it? Pretty clever for Bill to come up with that!!!
Now on to the real subject I am supposed to be writing about this week. What are the latest trends in nail polish? Well, since I have already admitted that I am “forced” to stay neutral in my own life (and I do dream of hot pink toe nails for the beach or red at Christmas!!) I will tell you what I see in magazines and in real life at the Barber Shop.
For a few years there has been a trend of dark nails, sometimes they almost look black to me. There are many varying shades in this color wheel. I have also been seeing a lot of greens and blues which are totally out of the normal range of colors like reds, pinks and corals which I am used to seeing. Of course those hot colors are still very popular. Since we have entered the spring season you will be seeing some softer colors like corals and pinks and tans that go along with this “hippy” 70’s trend.
Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 12.26.24 PM
However KK says that brights are back and requested often as women get ready for sandals and summer weather. The newest trend that I actually noticed on J Lo when watching American Idol is called Stiletto Nails. I also saw several girls on the streets of New York with these long and very pointy nails. “To each his own” as they say!! I bet they are not real!!!!! They look kind of dangerous to me, but I always like to keep an open mind!!!!
I have always thought it would be fun to have a job naming nail polish because it is very creative and interesting and sometimes off the wall. OPI is very popular and you will find names like My Silk Tie, Romantically Involved and Dark Side of the Mood in the Fifty Shades of Grey collection. Some of the classics are Señorita Rose-ahlã, The Thrill of Brazil, La Paz-itively Hot, Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It, Feelin Hot-Hot-Hot, Can’t Find my Czech Book, Vant to Bite My Neck, Muir Muir on the Wall to name a few!! 
Essie is another very popular brand of polish and their names are great and very entertaining as well. Let’s start with Show me the Ring, Starter Wife, Sugar Daddy, High Maintenance, No Pre-Nup, To Buy or Not to Buy, Topless and the list goes on and on. If you are bored just go to the website and scroll through the seemingly endless swatches of colors and hilarious names. Essie is also formaldehyde free which can make a big difference in the health of your nails.fashionomics-10
Getting a manicure for me is part necessity, part beauty, part therapy, part problem solving, a lot about valuable relationships and something I look forward to every week. It is really fun when I get a pedicure and get to stay longer and really relax with my feet up!! I have shared the Barber Shop with so many friends over the years and they have become loyal clients like me. Life is short – Treat yourself!!!
4311 Lovers Lane
Dallas, Texas 75225
XO Debby