Fashion Photo Shoot – Behind the Scenes


There is a good reason that I have not dramatically changed my hairstyle in the last few years. It is expensive!! And I don’t mean the cut and color. It means having to totally reshoot my modeling portfolio and that is so much work and money. However, I have  Fred Holston at Kim Dawson Agency to help me in the planning of this shoot, now that I am ready to bite the bullet and embrace my new longer hairstyle. Fred is in charge of “New Faces” at my agency, which I am obviously not!!! HaHa. I am very particular when pulling together my team for a “test” photo shoot for my “book”. I feel very lucky to have been able to get LB Rosser to do my hair and make up; Ariella Villa to pull the wardrobe from Elements and Greg Stephens, one of my all time favorite photographers, to shoot the test. So, here is the result.      XO Debby

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