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Shop Dresses Under $200

Happy Thursday!!! I hope you are having great week. I know in Dallas it is sunny and chilly, not so great on the East Coast, and I heard it was freezing in LA the weekend of the Oscars. No matter what the weather, we will be celebrating Easter on April 1 this year so you better get ready. This is my first ever post on Easter dresses and I have to tell you that when I first went shopping for this post everything I saw was black. My word!! Easter is for spring colors and this year it’s all about flowers. I found a great spring dress at Anthropologie that is a really pretty floral pattern. I just realized that this dress in blue is the stripe version that I recently showed on my Spring Trends Newsletter. It looks totally different and also comes in black and red. You always need a sweater or jean jacket on Easter Sunday because it is usually still pretty chilly. This little open front bolero from Nordstrom comes in 5 colors. It’s perfect for dresses. Banana Republic always carries the perfect little cardigan and it comes in 14 colors!!!!

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Shop Sweaters and Jackets

Shopping for dresses is not always easy. A lot of my clients want a sleeve to cover their arms and most of the styles seem to be sleeveless these days. I did not expect to find so many great styles at Anthropologie under $200 (except for one). I love the floral pattern in the dress I’m wearing and the ruffles just add to the feminine appeal. It is light and breezy and easy to wear. I have searched around to find some great sweaters like the one I am wearing which is from my closet. I like a shorter sweater with a dress that comes to the waist and complements the style without overpowering the dress.

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Shop Shoes and Hand Bags

Finding a dress is just the beginning of your shopping trip. You will most surely need shoes, an appropriate handbag and maybe a great earring. I always like a sandal in the spring and summer with a dress. There are so many heel heights available that you can easily find a comfy and stylish shoe.  You will want to consider a smaller handbag with a dress. Most of us have a handbag that we like to carry every day and it is usually larger than one you would carry with a dress for a special occasion.  

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As always thanks so much for reading. I hope you will find something in this post that will help you get ready for Easter. I tried to show fashions at reasonable prices; dresses under $200 (except for one), comfy shoes and handbags under $100. Have fun shopping and I hope you have many blessing during this Easter season!! XO Debby

AnthropologieDaphne Wrap Dress – green

AnthropologieDaphne Wrap Dress – blue

AnthropologieDaphne Wrap Dress – black

AnthropologieDaphne Wrap Dress – red

AnthropologieMother Denim Jacket

GapIcon Denim Jacket

Anthropologie – Amaruso Cardigan – ivorynavy

Sweaters – herehereherehereherehere 

Pelle Moda Sandalshereherehereherehere herehere

Anthropologie – Sparkled Flora Clutch

PHOTOGRAPHY – Mary Summer Hafner