Drugstore Lipstick

I decided to write a blog about lipsticks you can find at the drugstore for a better price and a great look. I have to admit I  usually buy Bobbi Brown lipsticks because I like the texture and the color stays on. I am also picky about gloss and I like theirs. I have written before that I use Mac Prrr gloss on a daily basis and love the look. I have never really embraced the Matte lip unless it is for a fashion shoot. I just really like lip gloss!!! So it is a good thing that gloss is kind of back in style. I usually wear Bobbi Brown 22 and Mac Prrr (kind of a nude lip) but branched out to Bobbi Brown Peachy lip color last spring. I always keep a great red on hand and my newest favorite is Charlotte Tilbury Love Bite with Vixen gloss
I decided that I need to get with it and add some new bright colors to my lipstick wardrobe. I had committed to write this blog so I headed to CVS in search of some new brands to try. I was inspired by a magazine ad I saw from Maybelline. The lipstick in the ad was hot pink and looked glossy so I was confident I could find the lipstick. When I got to CVS I admit that I was a little overwhelmed with all of the choices and since you can’t try the lipstick out, I had to just pick a couple to bring home. One that I based  on the color of the tube ended up being a gloss with a funny crooked wand and not a lipstick (even though it looked like a tube of lipstick) but I liked it. (I just had to go downstairs to get my reading glasses which I never wear to try to read the writing on this tube!!!)  It is Maybelline 075 Fuchsia Flourish The Elixir. I also purchased (now I had to go back downstairs to get a magnifying glass to read this tube, writing a blog is just not that easy but good exercise!!) another Maybelline lipstick in a fuchsia tube but it is called Peach Poppy 745. I did not like this one because it does not give full coverage on the lip. It is a pretty color but not creamy or something, it doesn’t look smooth. I am willing to commit to this project but decided I did not want to waste a lot of money trying to figure out which lipsticks I would like. I should have done some more research!!!
So when I was shopping with a client at NM I ended up at the Bobbi Brown counter with my friend and cosmetics expert Katie Sewell and I told her I was writing a blog on drugstore lipsticks. Of course she commented that I could waste a lot of money on that!!! Naturally I was tempted and ended up buying some new bright colors that I love!!! Sheer Lip Color Passion Fruit 1, Creamy Matte Lip Color Pink Lily 12 and Rosy 22 Lip Gloss (Katie’s favorite). Now that is how I like to shop. She lets me try on the lipstick and helps me decide which shades I like best or look best on me. What can I say, I am spoiled. 
After that detour I decided to commit once again to my quest to find great drugstore brands of lipstick. I know they are out there because I work with professional make up artists all the time. They have to carry such volume and variety of color in their kits that they usually have many different brands of different price points and they always know the latest beauty scoop. I decided to call my good friend and fabulous KD make up artist Gary Parson for his input and advice. Thankfully he was getting ready for a shoot with Living Magazine the next day so when I called he was organizing all of his make up. Perfect timing!!!!! He shared some of his favorites and suggested a line called NYX that can be found at CVS. (I go to CVS because it is close to my house and I am a little lazy and don’t like big stores or driving all over town.) Gary says that NYX is the drugstore version of MAC with great colors both matte and gloss. It also has some pretty cool packaging with some French words thrown in.  We also talked about the orange lip, a hot trend for spring, as well as peach and pink. These are some of the colors he suggest from NYX: 
Haute Melon gloss, moisturizing; Indie Flick, matte; Shocking Pink, matte; Femme (apricot orange), moist; Antwerp (which looked like a pretty color but the slot was empty). I was sitting on the floor at CVS trying to find these colors and this sweet girl came over asked if I needed help!!!!! Of course I said yes!!!! I ended up with Shocking Pink / Rose Intense (the name in French) Mat Rouge à Lèvres (very fancy) lipstick  and Nude Peach / Pêche Nue Mega Shine Lip Gloss / Gloss à Levres Ultra Brilliant (last French lesson for the day!!) I finally just picked these based on color and they are really nice quality.
Gary also suggested several options from Revlon. The all-time, tried and true favorite is Love That Red and I bought a tube of that, of course. The others he mentioned are called Color Burst Matte Balm Lip Crayon and I could not find all of them. #230 Complex – nude beige (I found this one), #205 Elusive (rose pink), #210 Unapologetic (bright coral). These are almost as good as the clever names on nail polish!! Cover Girl also advertises a matte crayon and these must be popular because I just realized I ended up with another crayon from NYC called 022 Fulton St Fuchsia City Proof Twistable Intense Lip Color (then the same in French). Very fancy!!! I also discovered in my new collection a neon orange gloss from Cover Girl called Colorlicious Mango Lave (Lave Mangue). The tube says Lip Lava. I am officially dizzy from trying to read these tubes with reading glasses and a magnifying glass at the same time. I feel like I need to give you as much information as possible or you will never be able to find these on your own!!! I was working yesterday and quizzed another make up artist, Jocelyn, and she suggested L’Oreal which is made by Lancome as a great affordable option. She also said that she likes to shop at Ulta because they carry a wide variety of “drugstore” to high end products.
I hope I have taken you on a fun journey of exploring the possibilities of trying some new lip colors for the season. Grab those CVS coupons and take a risk on some brighter options (I saved $22 yesterday).  Choose the colors that are most flattering to your skin tone and get ready for some compliments. You will find everything from matte lipstick in a traditional tube, lip crayons, lip gloss with a wand (some angled or crooked), to some combo versions with both matte and gloss in the same double ended tube. Buzz words include Matte Lipstick, Butter Lipstick, Soft Matte Lip Cream, Mega Shine Lip Gloss, Lip Smacking Fun Colors. Then, of course, you will see it all printed in French as well to emphasize the “coolness” of the particular brand of cosmetics because, of course, all things pertaining to fashion, cosmetics and beauty originate in Paris.     Oui, Oui
XO Debby