Do Your Feet Hurt?

sb-slideshow-heels-21jpg-425x282If you are a woman the answer is probably YES!!! Most of us are slaves to fashion and want to wear the latest trends in shoes. However, it seems that my feet have become less resilient after years of swearing stilettos. I have walked many miles doing informal modeling in stores on marble floors. Needless to say my feet have been hurting for a long time!! But I still try to wear high heels and have found quite a variety of shoe pads and paraphernalia to help my feet endure the torture. Comfort is becoming more important to me these days so I am more careful and selective when shoe shopping. There seems to be a certain heel height or angle that is torture after a very short time. Wedges and platforms are a great option because they give the illusion of height with less of that angle that hurts. It seems the balls of my feet have lost some of the natural padding!!!!!
I have worked with at least 5 clients in the last month that have serious problems with their feet. They have had surgery, an injury or an inherited issue and cannot wear high heels. Most of them need to find a pretty shoe with a heel of 1 1/2″ to 2″ max. I have to say the designers have gotten smarter or more empathetic or just want to keep selling shoes so there are many more options these days that do not look like orthopedic shoes. I might add that there has also been a trend in the past couple of years to glamorize the Birkenstock sandal by some to of the couture designers. I may not be wearing those no matter how badly my feet hurt, but, to each “her” own!! 
I have searched to find summer shoes with a 1 1/2 to 3″ heel to show you that there are a lot of styles to choose from. You can look very fashionable in your lower heels. Just think of Audrey Hepburn and the kitten heels she was known for wearing. There are also so many cushions and contraptions that can make your shoes more wearable. Some of my favorites are made by Foot Petals. You can ask take your shoes to a cobbler and have the heel lowered a bit or pads inserted. In Dallas I depend on Deno’s in Highland Park Village. It’s kind of like alterations for your clothes. Happy shopping and take care of your tootsies.

Sandal Options:

1.  2.  Henry Calf-Hair City Sandal, Black/Gold  3. Mini Miller Lizard-Print Thong Sandal  4.  VERRO: STEVE MADDEN  5.STEVE MADDEN Poke  6. Cambon Mid Sandal

Kitten Heel Options:
1.Monti T-Strap Kitten Heel Sandal  2. Ruge Kitten-Heel Sandal  3. Loeffler Randall ‘Reina’ Sandal  4. Bradshaw Sling

Wedge Options:
Untitled-11.Callisto ‘In the Bag’ Wedge Platform Sandal  2.  Kork-Ease® ‘Austin’ Leather Slingback Wedge Platform Sandal 3.Tory Burch Peep Toe Sandal  4.Steve Madden ‘Seaside’ Wedge Sandal  5. COUPER: STEVE MADDEN

Evening Options: 
1.Reversal Slingback Evening Sandal 2.Ibsen Jeweled Thong Sandal, Pewter  3.TurningUp Strappy Glitter Sandal  4. Naked Mid-Heel Ankle-Strap Sandal  5.Nina ‘Noely’ Crystal Embellished Wedge Sandal 6. Pelle Moda Fabia heel