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Happy first week of May!! I am so happy that my garden in the front of my house finally got planted. It was looking so ragged although two gerber daily plants came back from last year. They were sure looking all bright and perky among the very sad and bedraggled pansies. Speaking of new things I guess you have noticed that denim is everywhere and you can now wear it all together. That was one of my cardinal rules, no denim on denim. Well rules are totally out the window these days!! I was thinking that I would show you some of my favorite denim looks. As I am finishing up my blog this morning I am a little bit anxious because Roxanne is expecting baby Sloan on May 16 but since I was 2 weeks early with Timothy I was kind of thinking that today would be the big day. Oh well a thunderstorm is coming tomorrow so it may be soon. I love those prayers for a healthy baby and safe delivery for the little mama. 

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I have to admit I guess I am a little bit old fashioned because I have not embraced the ripped jean look. I think it looks great on all of my friends but it’s just not me. And that is the key to getting dressed; finding the look within the trends that is right for you. I do like the cropped flares and I guess my shout out to the ripped jeans is the frayed hem. I love the details on so many jeans like fringe and ruffles. You will notice that I have on a chambray off the shoulder top and denim shoes as well. Head to toe denim with a great Rebecca Minkoff shoulder bag. I actually love this bag in ivory more than I ever thought I would. It is my new “go to” bag for going out. Can’t live without my gold hoops  by Claudia Lobao!! These denim wedges from Dolce Vita that I picked up at Tootsies are so comfy and a great price as well. The bag and wedges are both under $100.00. 

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I wanted to show you a few of the details that make fashion sort of interesting and fun. I bought the chambray off the shoulder blouse at Neiman’s Last Call last year so of course it is no longer available. I just loved the details on the sleeves. I think it is fun to find a unique item to add to your wardrobe and NM Last Call is very reasonable. I get a lot of tops there and sometimes shoes. I have worn these jeans to death and love the cropped flare and even the frayed hem. These wedges are more comfortable than I expected and I can wear them all day. Needless to say I am obsessed with this bag. So easy to wear and your hands are free. Great for travel and it comes in 3 colors. 

denim trends, fashionomics, over 50 blogger, dallas style

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I want to thank you for taking the time to read my musings on fashion. I really love pretty clothes and I like to share my experience as a closet organizer and wardrobe consultant with you. I work with women of all ages and I learn a lot from my clients so it is fun for me to have a way to share all of that info. I know that fashion is not rocket science or solving any world problems but my goal is for women to feel beautiful and confident from the inside out. I’ll keep you posted on the baby!!! Have a great week!! XO Debby

PHOTOGRAPHY – Mary Summers Hafner