Debby’s Hair Secrets

It is kind of a joke in my family that I am not good with hair. When my girls were growing up I was really great at pony tails with big bows. In college I always had really long hair, which doesn’t take much talent to style. I have been  blessed as a model to always work with really fabulous hair stylists and make up artists. You can see how I could have become a little dependent on professionals. I would say that I keep my hairstyles pretty simple and always rely on a great cut. This is the key, in my opinion. Find a hair stylist who really knows what he is doing and stick with the program. Get your hair cut on a regular basis to keep it in the best shape. Healthy hair is beautiful hair. Choose a cut that is most flattering to your face, current age and lifestyle. Don’t get stuck in the past. Change is always good and seeking expert advice will always serve you well. The same goes if you choose to color your hair. No cheating!!! Save your money and keep it up. No need to look bedraggled with roots showing. Be sure to choose a color that is flattering!! Ask some friends or professionals you trust for an honest opinion. 

This originally was going to be a blog about hair cuts. I decided that was too complicated. Enough to say that you need a really good cut and style that fits you. Look in some fashion magazines for ideas. I have had short hair for a really long time. I actually cut my hair for professional reasons and it has worked well for several years. I like my hair short. However, recently one of my clients preferred longer hair and money talks. I have gradually over the past few months been growing it out. I would say that now it is a long bob or “lob”. I have grown to like it more each week. Honestly I had forgotten what it was like to have longer hair. My hairdresser, LB Rosser, is amazing and has made this process pretty painless. Now I am finding that I need more and different products because I really have to flat iron my hair every day and that can be very drying. I also color my hair and need to make sure I am using products that do not strip my color. MOISTURIZE!!!!! That is the key to healthy hair and beautiful skin as well. 

I found that with using my straightener more often my hair was getting really dry. I have thick hair but it is more fine than course. I also did not like it when a shampoo made my hair feel limp. I accidentally discovered Moroccon Oil shampoo and conditioner when I was on a photo shoot in McKinney. I ran out of hairspray and had to run into a salon on The Square and saw these products. I had been reading about Moroccon Oil products and wanted to give it a try. Unfortunately the salon was closed when we finished. I like the Repair and it does not contain sulphates that could strip my hair color. I finally located this product at the Nordstrom NP salon. It goes against my rules of convenience to have to go to the mall for shampoo, but this is worth it!! (It is closer than McKinney Town Square!!!) My hair is conditioned but not lifeless and has a great texture, I can tell a difference. And it smells great.




After I shampoo, condition and towel dry, I use several products before blow drying my hair. I have frizzy, wavy hair and need to get some control. LB suggested Aquage Straightening Ultragel. After this application, I spray on some It’s A 10 which really conditions and smoothes. Then I accidentally discovered Kerastase Nutritive Oleo-Relax and I use just a squirt or two. I either got this in a gift bag or LB gave it to me. I think it makes a big difference in smoothing my hair. Then I blow dry my hair which is much more difficult and takes twice as long as my short hair. Why can LB just blow my hair dry after he cuts it and it looks fabulous?? No flat iron needed!!! Not me, I need a third arm to get it that straight with just a blow dryer and brush. I don’t even think a perfect brush could help me.g6NbuU5rod1YEqtFiOa0cqSL2pS7RTGDk5CRyYB8sQ8So here comes the HEAT. Years ago, when I had long hair, THE flat iron was BaByliss. And I mean that was the best and I had to order it from Chicago or get it at Ray’s in New York. More recently most of us have been using the Chi flat iron. I loved the thin one because I had short hair. My Chi stopped working so LB got me a new flat iron. I was surprised to see that it was a BaBlyss. This one is fancy with a heat dial setting. So on to the new old brand. When you use a flat iron or any kind of heat on your hair you MUST use some kind of protective product. I use Aquage Beyond Shine to protect my hair and give a little extra shine. It has a smoothing effect on my hair. Another product a lot of make up artists/hair stylists use on me to protect when straightening my hair is Matrix Sleek Iron Smoother, Thermo-Protecteur. I have it on my list to buy. PxhWBJWg7lshqaUNiZBM99JD-dWcNOlR-_Ixz2lSNscMy advice on hair is that your hair needs to be healthy – moisturize!!! You need to be consistent with the maintenance of your hairstyle. This means have a definite plan. Get a great cut that you love and that fits you. Keep it up. This can make or break your look. Having a dated hairstyle is like having a dated wardrobe. I believe that you can find affordable fashion as well as affordable hair care. It always takes more effort to save money but does not mean you have to sacrifice quality. If you choose to color your hair then find someone you trust and stick with the program on a regular basis. Find a stylist who cares about the condition of  your hair. When working with my clients I am most interested in developing confidence and a good self image. I know that this comes from within. No amount of make up or hair style or wardrobe can make up for low self esteem. I want my clients to feel great, inside and out. Women like to feel pretty and confident. Taking care of yourself is multifaceted and quite honestly takes effort, time and money. You are worth it!!!

Find the hair care products that work best for your particular hair texture, style and color. You may have to experiment a little and I always suggest seeking professional advice. There are several great resources like Ulta, Sephora, Sally’s, and Beautystudio or your favorite salon where you can find a wide array of products and experienced salespeople to help you. Be diligent in the upkeep and care of your hair, your “crowning glory”!