Debby’s Favorite Things – Gadgets

Lotion Saver Bottle Couplers

fashionomics-blog-2I discovered this little gem when I was shopping for stocking stuffers this Christmas. When I travel it is always such a chore to try to get my lotions, sunscreen, moisturizer, conditioner, and shampoo into a small travel size bottle. I use very specific products so I am not usually able to find them in travel size bottles. This little gadget is a time saver and no mess solution to getting ready for a trip. The caps come in different sizes to ensure that you will be able to refill easily and not have to stand there and hold the bottles together or shake and pound  to get the creamy stuff to come out!!!!

Every Drop Lip Spatula

fashionomics-blog-3How many times have you bought expensive lip gloss and about 2/3 of the way through the tube you can’t get the rest out. Sooooo frustrating!! Again, I guess I am cheap but this is just one of my pet peeves. I have even considered writing a letter to Bobbi Brown or Mac (love Mac Purr gloss) and ask why they cannot make the brush or sponge longer. I discovered this little jewel when, of course, shopping for stocking stuffers. Woohoo, I felt like I had discovered gold or something really valuable. No more leaving my tube on the dashboard of my car in the summer hoping the gloss will go to one side and I can somehow scrap out just a little more. I have also probably resorted to putting it in the microwave for a bit. I am so happy to get more life out of each tube. It’s the simple things in life that make me so happy!!! 

Every Drop Beauty Spatula

Fashionomics-blog-1I was actually looking for something else at the front of The Container Store where they have lots of little unusual helpful things you don’t usually see anywhere else (unless it is a catalogue or infomercial) and found this Every Drop Beauty Spatula. I had to have it! I guess I am just cheap but I will keep turning my moisturizer upside down until I can get the very last drop out of the bottle. It is a square bottle so this is almost impossible; at least until I found this spatula. Now I can dig around and feel like I am very frugal by not wasting any precious moisturizer.

Evercare Fabric Shaver

fashionomics-blog-4This is a new discovery for me and I cannot say enough great things about this little gadget. When I am editing a closet I am tempted to toss most of the sweaters that are pilled. The pilling makes them look old and worn, and really tired. Unfortunately even the most expensive cashmere sweaters seem to pill quickly. I have tried some of the other tools used to “de-pill” garments and this EverCare Fabric Shaver seems to do the best job with the least wear and tear on the clothing. The other things I have tried require scraping down the sweater and pulling on the garment. The EverCare Fabric Saver requires 2AA batteries, has a heavy duty motor and an easy-to-remove waste bin and a cleaning brush.”It quickly removes unsightly pilling and fuzz balls from sweaters, shirt collars, wool, flannel jackets and any wool fabric.” Your beautiful clothing will have new life and you will not look bedraggled!!!

Tall or Short Solid Shelf Dividers

fashonomics-blog-5When I am organizing a closet it is not always easy to corral these larger bags and totes. If you have a solid shelf no more than 3/4″ thick you can space these dividers out (they come 2 to a package) and keep your purses organized and upright. It helps to stuff the larger, floppy bags with tissue paper or dry cleaning bags or anything you have on hand to give them a shape and make them easier to store. These dividers come in 2 heights, tall 13″ and small 9 7/16 high. Be sure to measure your shelves and space available before purchasing. I also have other solutions for organizing purses if these dividers won’t fit your closet. I like to keep the current season purses organized by color and the off season bags can be stored in their soft protective bags that came with them in an out of the way area. It is easier to grab the purse you need if it is out and available in full view.



January andfashionomics-giftcard February are great times to get organized in your closet and ready for Spring Trends and new purchase. It is easier to make space for new things if you edit and organize before you shop. Call Fashionomics for all of your closet organization and shopping needs. A Fashionomics Gift Certificate makes a great Valentine’s Gift for someone who needs a little help.