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MNPB3HcvgUWGHntTZHLCeshpS-OXuSGLgNJ4Y6pn0i81 IUVIfgFINkHF6CQOIz6cKXgan8WJ0kxXu2pCgWSGOn0This is a great time for mom to get organized when kids are off to camp, summer eases up the demands of busy schedules and you can grab some sanity for yourself. Moms and women in general have a lot of balls to juggle all year long. After Memorial Day things seem to ease up a little even if you have a full time job. The evenings are longer and the demands seem a little less stressful. Eating lighter and on paper plates is a time saver and hopefully you will find some quiet moments for yourself. This is a great season to reevaluate your closet and get organized while life is going at a slower pace. When the kids go off to camp you are free to edit, clean out and organize every room; closets, drawers, under the bed and bathrooms. However, don’t forget to do something nice for yourself. Call Fashionomics for a closet consult and get mom ready to face the next season.

yb-f5TQ8I41E3oddip7uEvysoonD0R72mMayU_qmuUcI started my business of closet organization and wardrobe consultation almost 10 years ago. I have been modeling for many years and love fashion. I have worked with women in stores and understand the importance of fit and proportion when shopping for a wardrobe. I also love to organize so getting the closet ready for seasonal wardrobe updates was in line with my fashion experience. I considered many different names but finally chose Fashionomics because it blends Fashion + Economics = Fashionomics. 

As a former English teacher, community volunteer, and mother of five (three daughters), I have learned a lot about what it takes to stay organized. Most of us have too many clothes and we wear the same thing over and over, only to go to our closet feeling like we have nothing to wear. Getting dressed for any occasion, and fashion in itself, should not be such a stressful experience. My goal is to edit and organize a closet in such a way that it is easy to see what you have. I want to teach my client how to put her wardrobe together so that she has many options with fewer pieces. Thus the name Fashionomics and the concept: “The Art of Systemizing Your Wardrobe”. When I chose the name several years ago, little did I know that it would be even more important today to economize and carefully budget for a wardrobe. I like to work around my client’s personal style and taste.

yLEmnBSSW5QEo6FGkeIl8SeQ2m8geZM_t4Vd4OoJRJ4I would like to explain the basic steps in my process without giving away all of my tricks!!! I like to start by editing the closet which sounds more sophisticated than cleaning out the closet. I am always working with my client as we got through the closet. As we analyze your closet, deciding what items to keep, we will try on clothes to see if they fit and need to be kept, tossed or altered. I ask questions like “Have you worn these clothes in the last year or two, will you ever wear them, do they fit, etc.”? This includes shoes, accessories, and handbags. I will take the items we decide to “let someone else enjoy before it’s too late” to Clothes Circuit or the re-sale shop of your choice or Genesis Women’s Shelter Thrift Shop, unless you have a preferred charity in mind. My goal is to remove the clutter so it is gone for good. Eventually this may entail a trip The Container Store, Target , etc to purchase the items you need to make your closet more efficient and orderly.


After editing and organizing the closet it is time to focus on the wardrobe. I like to start by mixing and matching within your existing wardrobe using the pieces you already have, helping you see them differently and with an open mind. We can put together many outfits from a few great pieces. Then I will evaluate your existing pieces and make a deliberate list of what we need to buy and add to your current wardrobe. Then comes the fun part; we shop with a purpose and a budget. After shopping and finding some wonderful new pieces to update your look, we combine and coordinate. This is a blending of the old and new pieces to make dressing easy. No more standing in your closet saying “So many clothes but nothing to wear!”.

WWPzvEsT6vHoQTU_2XSceTtSI7u60D-DQWj-2uiCVicI want to share my experience in the fashion industry with my clients and show them how to get the most for their money and how to interpret and assimilate the current fashion trends into their lifestyle and develop their own personal sense of style. This can include taking photos of your new outfits or simply making a list of the options you have in your closet. This is an ongoing process, and I want to keep my clients updated and organized from season to season. It definitely gets easier.  I work with women and men, teens and college girls. I shop with brides, mothers of the bride or groom, debutantes, etc for special event dressing. I also am available when a client is packing for a trip. Packing efficiently for a trip and learning to look fabulous every day with fewer pieces in your suitcase is truly the “Art of Systemizing Your Wardrobe”.

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