Christmas Gift Guide for Children

Sloan is wearing Hartley fur vest and pink Ugg boots for Christmas-gift-guide-for-children

Being a grandmother has really changed my life for sure. I obviously have no pride when taking photos with Sloan. She is the star for sure and dressing her in Ugg booties and a Hatley faux fur vest is just the most fun I have ever had!! Love spending time with her and my grandson Hunter who lives in Memphis. We had them both home for Thanksgiving and it was a blast. Since I love buying gifts for both of them I was inspired to post a Christmas Gift Guide for Children. One of my favorite places to shop for clothes is Smocked Auctions. I hope you enjoy these ideas whether you are a grandmother or auntie who wants to spoil someone special. Even parents are welcome to take a look. 

Grandma blogger and Christmas-Gift-guide-for-children are a great combo

Thank you so much for reading my ramblings and blog posts. I had a lot of fun with this one because my grandchildren have brought so much joy into my life. I think most of you will agree that seeing a child’s face light up when you give the perfect gift is worth more than anything. It could be really simple and usually if it lights up and makes noise it will be a hit!! Happy shopping and say a prayer for me as I move my mom to a new apartment at The Emerson on Friday. I have had so much help from Paul Markowitz of Senior Living Specialists. A lot of us are truly in the “sandwich generation”. Aging parents and grandchildren all in one blog. Hope you are way ahead of me with your Christmas decorations. Maybe next week… XO Debby

On Sloan

Hatley Faux Fur VestUgg BootTea Polka Dot Romper