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Happy Monday and I hope you had a fun and relaxing weekend. Bill and I were both pretty spent from last week and I thought we were staying in Friday night. But he ended up surprising me by taking me to see the Beatles cover band A Hard Night’s Day at Chelsea Pub. It was kind of like being back in college, great drinks, pizza and a fab burger, except the audience was pretty old!! Haha. Don’t young people like the Beatles too?? Well it was so much fun we are going back; first Friday of the month – come on and join us!!! That last blog I wrote pretty much did me in (that’s why my brain was fried on Friday) because I had to try to edit the photos. So today I’ll do something with my fabulous photographer’s professional photos and write about some beautiful and unique handbags by Charlotte Max Designs. It’s also a really fun idea for  a Mother’s Day Gift. Hint Hint!!

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I discovered these lucite clutches through one of my clients. When I am getting someone dressed for a special occasion or just every day I love to find the perfect accessories. These clutches are clean and modern but go with anything. You can get them in solid colors (pearly) or the glittery version or a combination of both. There are lots of color choices, two sizes and some can be monogrammed which makes for a great gift idea. I have to say that Charlotte Max has the most reasonable prices in this genre of handbag. I have looked around and these are so well made and a lifetime investment as far as I am concerned. They really can go with just about anything from day to evening. I have to say that it is one of my pet peeves to see someone carrying a large day time handbag for a cocktail or dressy event. That is why I am so picky and try to cover all of the accessories when dressing my clients. Having a selection of classic evening bags is a wise investment. Plus these are great for luncheons or date night. I’m having fun carrying it with jeans.

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Charlotte Max Design

Charlotte Max Designs was conceived and founded in early 2013 by Michelle Morgan Lockhart to share her love of vintage lucite handbags. The company is named after Mimi, her grandmother, who had her own extensive collection of lucite handbags.

Our collection is available online, at trunk shows and at Canary, Madison and The Dallas Museum of Art Store.  Our curated collection of vintage bags are sold exclusively at trunk shows.  Please sign up for our emails for more information.

The Original Charlotte Max

Mimi cherished all things beautiful and lived her life surrounded by her adoring husband, 4 children and the arts. She loved music and especially dance and would dance anytime and anywhere (supposedly even in the grocery store to the horror of her children). Included in her “beautiful things” was her collection of lucite handbags – which she probably wore to the grocery store to dance.

This company strives to continue her quest for beautiful things.

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I have just shown you a few of the lucite clutches that look great for summer available from the  large selection at Charlotte Max Designs. Check out the website for some great ideas and do some shopping. I love her lucite trays (which I believe can be personalized) and the clear stadium clutch is a must if you attend sporting events.  If you have any questions or need a bag in a hurry just contact me and I will help you find what you need. I think these bags are a great find and something you will have forever and pass down to your girls or girlfriends. As always, thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful week!! Also if you want details on my outfits just stay tuned for an upcoming blog on colored denim. XO Debby

PHOTOGRAPHY – Mary Summers Hafner