Caring for Your All Weather Boots

68c55d8b-cb10-4dbf-a732-0caf5aeb2053Well it is officially winter weather around here complete with cold and rain, no snow yet. I love having a boot that I can tromp around in and not worry about getting wet. I am a huge fan of Hunter Rain Boots and think they are great looking as well as practical. When I bought mine, black of course, they were really shiny and then after I wore them a few times and they sat in the closet I noticed they were looking a little dull and had a white film on them. These were the original English Wellies and were used for practical purposes like hunting and riding horses, etc. Only Green will do for the true Englishman. We see them as a fashion boot and I guess expect them to stay looking new. So I was glad to discover the Hunter Rubber Buffer. This is very easy to use and you just spray it on, buff with a cloth and the shine comes back!!

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I had to wait longer than most girls to get my first pair of Uggs!! So now I feel like I really appreciate them and couldn’t live without them!! They are so warm and really practical and can go through some pretty rough weather conditions. I wear them all winter and consider them sort of a “fashion” boot. Mine are black of course!! haha I try to take care of my boots so they will last a little longer. I found another great product called Ugg Water & Stain Repellent for Sheepskin & Suede. This spray really helps protect and preserve the suede for all kinds of weather and keeps them looking great!!


My latest purchase is a pair of light grey suede knee high boots from Sam Edelman. I waited until they went on sale on Net-A-Porter, one of my favorite online websites. When I opened the box I thought these boots may be too pretty and fragile to wear. You may know that I recently traveled to New York City and you can be sure that I did not take these new “special” boots to walk the streets of NYC in the rain. When I returned home I knew that I had to make a trip to Deno’s in Highland Park Village for some advice on caring for these boots. They suggested Cadillac All Weather Shield. This is what they would use if I took my boots in for weather proofing and protection. I do know that the last pair of suede booties I purchased at Tootsie’s were quickly sprayed and protected by John in women’s shoes before I left the store. I will share with you a little mistake I made last year. I bought a pretty pair of nude suede pumps at Banana Republic. Of course I thought they were really beautiful ¬†and fragile and was afraid to wear them. Then I decided to Scotch Guard them with regular Scotch Guard. I really soaked them. Well!!!! This process changed the color and they are now a darker shade of nude. So I suggest leaving weather proofing your light colored suedes to the professionals of at least purchase a product that is specifically designed for this purpose!! You can tell I am a little obsessed with shoes and boots. I like to take good care of my things so that they will last a little longer.