Boho for All Ages


Happy Friday and here we go again. Cathy and I had so much fun shopping at Saint Bernard that we could not limit our collaboration to just one blog post. If you tuned in last week you will remember that my friend and fabulous fellow blogger, Cathy Williamson of The Middle Page ,  and I posted some great summer dresses for every day. The Boho Trend is here to stay and since we both write blogs that hopefully appeal to women who want to look on trend, but not like our daughters, we decided to tackle this one.  Can anyone relate to that? I hate to admit that I am having a bit of deja vu with the bohemian revival and want to pick and choose the parts of it that I am going to embrace. I love the embroidered tops and easy looks. Flares and fringe and platforms galore remind me that trends always come back a little better and that chic means looking pulled together and dressing for your lifestyle and body type. I have to add that working with Cathy is such a blessing to me and I am always learning from her. She has an easy style and very keen eye and knows everything about fashion!! She is just cool!!

It seems that our lifestyles have become more casual these days. Lilly Neubauer helped us find the respective outfits that really fit our personalities. I knew that I wanted a flare and was thinking that I would wear a platform with it. That is a look I really love because it  makes your legs look long -” legs for days”!!! However the  particular J Brand Flare that I loved for the great fit was not long enough for a high heel. Actually I think it is meant for sneakers but we chose this timeless Joie sandal that is a great neutral and would be perfect all summer long. The funny thing is that since Cathy scored the Shutz wedge, she got to be taller than me. I got to be super comfy in my flats. I have been looking for the perfect summer embroidered top and I found it in this tank style from Joie. It is loose but not too “baby doll” ( which I do not like) and cut in shoulders are always flattering. Cathy chose a Joie top with sheer sleeves, light weight for summer. We really had fun shopping for our accessories. My Beau Ro Clutch is an example of a fab way to embrace fringe. Plus I love a small bag to take out to lunch or dinner. I may need this one for my collection of clutches!!! I am in love with orange in any tone or shade. It is one of may favorite colors that can be used as a neutral because it will go with almost everything. If you know me you may have noticed that I mainly wear hoop earrings. So naturally I was drawn to this pair from Gorjana G Ring Earrings. They are available in silver, gold and rose gold. You might need all of them to complete your casual summer looks. Pile up some bracelets for the most fun summer accessory. I love bracelets and cuffs and these beaded ones with tassels are a great way to embrace the “arm candy” trend. And I’m obsessed with these Ray Ban Denim Sunnies!! They actually come in several shades of denim. I had seen them in a fashion magazine and had to grab them for this blog adventure. Can you tell we had a blast shopping at Saint Bernard? I suggest that you check it out!! Lots of great gifts for Father’s Day too. Just FYI!!

SaintBernard-Cathy&Debby-75 SaintBernard-Cathy&Debby-79 SaintBernard-Cathy&Debby-85 SaintBernard-Cathy&Debby-89 SaintBernard-Cathy&Debby-94 SaintBernard-Cathy&Debby-97 SaintBernard-Cathy&Debby-98 SaintBernard-Cathy&Debby-119 SaintBernard-Cathy&Debby-122 SaintBernard-Cathy&Debby-123 SaintBernard-Cathy&Debby-128 SaintBernard-Cathy&Debby-135 SaintBernard-Cathy&Debby-140

outfit details // J Brand Flare JeanJoie Embroidered Top, Joie SandalsRay Ban Denim Sunnies,                                               Beau Ro Fringe Clutch, Gorjana G Ring Earrings,

Photography by Mary Summers Hafner