Black Friday Beauty Finds

Happy Black Friday. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and had lots of fun and relaxation with family and friends. Thanksgiving is truly my favorite holiday because it’s just about being together and giving thanks. My list is long on the many things that I am grateful for. I like the reminder to pause from our busy schedules to dwell on all of the blessings in my life. Now on to the hectic month of December. I don’t think it is supposed to be that way but we can’t seem to change the established patterns of shopping. So I will admit that  I accidentally went to the mall today for some Laura Mercier concealer. (I use #2) I am leaving town and it is the one thing on my list that I didn’t get done earlier in the week. I totally spaced out and forgot about which Friday this is!!! (and I’m supposed to be a blogger!! Yikes!!) Well Neiman Marcus is having $50.00 off any purchase of $200 even in cosmetics. I wanted to also try the Kevin Aucoin concealer but I was too stressed to walk to Sephora. I can’t believe the NM doesn’t carry him any more. My friend LB Rosser (hair and make up artist extraordinaire) told me to use #4. I also love this blush/bronzer, the best fan brush ever, and fancy setting powder. LB had to show me how to use it all yesterday even though I had a make up session at Bergdorf’s when I was in NY for Fashion Week. Kevin Aucoin brushes are the best and this set is over the top fab!!!

I have to be honest, I am heading to Memphis and intended to write a longer blog today. Stay tuned for a fab jacket I found while shopping on vacation. I will be see you next week and have a report on my precious grandson, Hunter. XO Debby

PHOTO Mary Summers Hafner