Back to School for Me –


Happy Friday!! I started this on Monday and then got sidetracked by life; getting my teeth cleaned at the periodontist   ( I had gum surgery 2 years ago and have to go every 3 months) and then a 3D Mammogram (I hope you are going for regular mammograms and I suggest the 3D). It’s the story of my life that I am always playing catch up. So that’s why my husband probably circled a couple of classes in the Personal Enrichment Course Catalogue that came from SMU recently. He thought Women’s Coaching Circle and/or Time Management: How To Get (And Keep) On Track might be helpful. To make a long story short; I am going back to school! Can you believe it? It is probably about time. I immediately sent the classes to my blogger buddy Cathy Williamson (The Middle Page) and suggested she might want to join me. We both complain all the time about how overwhelming technology and managing our workload is. So we both signed up!! I have been to the first class of Women’s Coaching Circle and it was so much better than I thought. I really did not know what to expect but any time you get a group of women together, it is an enriching experience. Our class is only 8 women from many different backgrounds and professions and our instructor is amazing. The paper I am holding up above is What Do You Resolve to Change? The other is S.M.A.R.T. and a little bitty notebook in which I am supposed to write my goals. Confession – my next class is next week and I haven’t done my homework yet except to make some mental notes!! Just proves I really need these classes – Right?? The Time Management was only one 2 hour session (seems that should be a semester non stop) and I have already attended that one. It was very helpful and I just have to review the notes and change some things!!! There is still time to sign up for the Nordstrom GC Raffle below! Time to Shop!!!

Actually this was a new idea for me to go back to school. Thank goodness the classes are only once a month for 5 months (January to May) and the other was just one session. I can handle that. Also SMU is really close to my house so I don’t have to scramble to get there. Although I do hate parking in parking garages. Maybe that is one of my fears/phobias. Next time I am parking in one of the ground lots. I will say that this campus is so gorgeous, I wish it wasn’t dark when my classes start. I had to think about how to appear studious and what to take to class. I am a huge fan of Barrington and of course grabbed my leather portfolio (The Noteworthy Book Jacket) and my fave notebook  (The Junior Old English Book Jacket) with my monogram on both of course , because that’s the personalization that Barrington offers on everything. I also am kind of obsesses with this laptop case. So practical and good looking and everything can be monogrammed. They have added so many new styles and choices for women in the past few years you will find many things that could help you get organized and carry everything with style.  And of course I could not survive without my St Anne Tote. In fact I think I have 3 or 4 and use them all the time. Perfect for going back to school, for errands or travel. Just the best tote ever!!! There are so many choices in sizes, styles, colors, patterns and monograms. They even make a very classy diaper bag – you would never know!! You will have fun just browsing the Barrington website and designing your own unique bag. 

What to wear?? That is always the question. Well I had just been to the Gap to return some Christmas gifts and shop a little for Hunter in Baby Gap and of course got sidetracked by these black  jeans 50% off!! I really did need a new black pair and just regular denim. I love my expensive jeans but alway have some Gap on hand. They are really great. My old ones are about to fall apart but they are still so comfy!! My shopping trip was not very organized or intentional. I always tell my clients to shop with a list and a budget, well I was just winging it. On the way out the door, literally, I saw the black quilted vest. I thought, I don’t have a vest and everyone else seems to have one; and I am going to Colorado at the end of February. Also it would be perfect for running around or over my workout clothes in this chilly windy water.  Plus it was on major sale. I went back to the register for the third time (no joke) and bought this cute vest. Love it!! And it is really warm. I have been looking for a pair of slip on sneakers in black to wear with my workout attire instead of running shoes. Love them with jeans too. On a trip to Marshalls for North Face gloves for my trip (because someone told me she found some there) I happened to see these Steve Madden sneakers. Perfect. (except they gave me the worst blister during this photo shoot, I should have worn those no show socks). After a little unexpected shopping spree, I had a few new pieces to add to my J.Crew turtleneck from last season and my Gap belt I will never get rid of because it is black and white calf hair and good belts are hard to find. It’s a classic. Love the black buckle so I don’t have to commit to gold or silver.

I will keep you posted on my process, thank goodness we don’t get grades. I figure if I learn one thing it will be worth it. I just like saying I am going back to school!! As always thanks so much for reading my blogs. I appreciate each and every one of you!!! Love your comments and I hope you will share your ideas with me. I have to give a shout out to my amazing photographer, Mary Summers Hafner (who is expecting her first baby girl in July! – very exciting!!) because she got some amazing photos and I thought this shoot was hopeless. It was so icy cold and windy, I mean really windy. I am constantly inspired by her many gifts. Hang around young people and you will learn something really valuable!! Also thank you Scout Bags for this darling cosmetics bag. Love the new pattern and it’s so perfect for carrying my fave Charlotte Tilbury lip colors!!. Sign up for the Nordstrom Raffle below!! Time to Shop!!

Gap Jeans

Gap Quilted Vest

J.Crew Stripe Turtleneck

Steve Madden SneakerLove These Too

Barrington St Anne Tote

Charlotte Tilbury   Coachella Coral Lipstick

Charlotte Tilbury  Portobello Girl Lip Gloss

Charlotte Tilbury  Pink Venus Lip Pencil

PHOTOGRAPHY  Mary Summers Hafner

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