All White 2 Ways – Denim Dressed Up or Down

All White 2 Ways from Tootsies in Dallas

Happy Sunday and I hope you had an amazing Memorial Day weekend. We had so much fun with Tara and the boys in town for Sloan’s first birthday party on Saturday morning and a Sip and See for Jennings on Sunday afternoon. Auntie Liz (Bit Bit) and Auntie V were here to help and supervise. Bill was the best Popi ever holding babies 24/7. Can you believe it is summer already? Where has 2019 gone?? So it’s time for white everything and I think these may be my very favorite jeans – ever!!! I will be showing you All White 2 Ways in this blog!! Do you think it’s myth or truth that you can’t wear white until after Memorial Day? I think I have broken that rule and the no white shoes till after Easter too. Modern times call for new rules don’t you think??


I love these jeans but have to warn you that evidently there is a new trend that goes back to the days of no stretch in your jeans. Yikes. (evidently according to this article in Glamour they hold their shape and are more flattering) I really didn’t realize it until I wore these out to dinner and noticed I was a little uncomfortable. Maybe I should have gotten a larger size!!! Anyway I am willing to suffer for these cute wide leg jeans with the little double fringe detail. (similar here) Of course when I shop at my fave local boutique Tootsies I always find unique pieces and I cannot find these at any other retailer (except in lilac). That’s the beauty of boutique shopping unless I  want to share the item with you. It’s great that I won’t see myself walking down the street. I have linked a few other similar styles!!! This is the greatest T shirt and I have decided to order it in black and olive. So easy to wear!! These white feather earrings are from a Rachel Zoe Box of Style last summer. They are my faves and I also found a similar version for you. 

Dallas Blogger in all white 2 ways denim looks

fringe detailing on jeans and t shirt from Nordstrom

over 50 blogger in all white 2 ways

fashionomics Debby Jett Allbright in all white 2 ways denim dressed up

non stretch denim is coming back

white high heels with wide leg denim

feather earrings on trend

linen tee and frayed wide leg denim with heels

Ok, so I love these jeans even though they don’t have stretch but I just think the wide leg and fringe detail are way cool. I wanted to show you all white 2 ways for your summer looks and decided to style them dressy and more casual. I have a creamy white cotton sweater with a dolman sleeve that I got at Tootsies a while back  and love to wear it all year round. Even in the heat of summer in Dallas if you go to a restaurant or movie theater it’s always freezing.  Adding a more casual sweater (preferably cotton) and sneakers to these jeans gives you a whole different look. I think this look could definitely take you from early spring to late fall!! I got this horn cuff bracelet in Guatemala and have 2 other cream horn cuffs that I love to wear. For some reason I love the look of head to toe white or cream with coordinating accessories. Ashley Pittman has the most amazing horn jewelry and I recently read she is closing her business to be a full time mom. 60% off everything until Monday at midnight with code SPARKLE if you are interested.


By the way, you can mix white with cream. It still gives you a beautiful tonal look and is pretty darn sophisticated if you ask me. Love my Rebecca Minkoff cream cross body (similar here) and wear it all the time. Having your hands free, especially when you travel, is just the best. It does involve a little juggling of all the things in your bigger handbag but it kind of shows you what you really need/use!! Since I don’t have a really fancy watch I have collected quite a few fashion watches. I seem to be partial to Michael Kors. Wish I could have a Michele or my dream is the Cartier tank watch. 

cross body bags are the best for travel

all white 2 ways denim dressed down

dallas blogger fashionomics in all white after Memorial Day

over 60 blogger in denim

horn cuffs and beaded bracelets on over 50 dallas blogger

stack up the bracelets with cross body Rebecca Minkoff bag

Debby Allbright Fashionomics wearing Michael Kors watch

Well friends, it has been two weeks since I have written or published a blog. It has been a fun run of visiting Liz in DC for her graduation from Georgetown with her MBA and then everyone coming in with babies for family celebrations. I just can’t multi task like I used to (or I think I remember that I could juggle more things). I have to have a block of time with no interruptions (and be able to focus and not want to take a nap) in order to produce a decent blog post. I tried to give you a lot of options today in case you want to try to replicate an all white look for summer. I hope you have some fun plans and are looking forward to a little more of a relaxed pace this summer. Thanks for reading and I really appreciate each one of you!! XO Debby

all white 2 ways dressed down denim

Yay for summer trends in all white denim

My attempt at jumping like a super model!!! HaHaHa

Over 50 super model jumping attempt




ei8htdreams Kate Wide Crop Frayed Jeans in Rigid Italian Denim

White Jeans similar hereherehere

White T Shirt – White Sweater – similar herehere

White Sandal similar hereherehereWhite Sneakers

White Clutch similar herehere – Cream Cross Body similar herehere

White Sunnies similar here – White Feather Earring – White Beaded Earring similar here

Gold WatchGold and White Watch – White Cuff similar here – Beaded Bracelet similar herehere

PHOTOGRAPHY – Mary Summers Hafner