Ageless – A New Beauty Book

debby jett allbright
I am flattered to be among the women included in a very ambitious project by fashion photographer Karen Williams Johnston. Karen has brilliantly enlisted the help of my dear and very talented friend Gary Parson to be artistic director and make up artist on the creation and production of a new beauty book entitled AGELESS.

Debby jett allbright

To quote Gary: “So happy to be underway, finally, on a book that shows that women of all ages are still beautiful, glamorous and sexy!!” Pam Skaggs (model, friend and entrepreneur) and I had the privilege of shooting on the first day – officially launching this process that will take several months and involve many of Dallas’ finest professionals in the fashion industry as well as others from around the country. cda5e608-cdd0-4177-91b9-6851c80a5ce8

Any photo shoot is more complicated than anyone would imagine. There is much planning and preparation beforehand and the shoot itself is something of a work of art. There is always a team and each individual is responsible for a specific task.

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Karen has been working on this idea for a long time. She is a well respected and experienced photographer who started in Dallas in the fashion and commercial print industry. Then she moved to New York working there for 5 years before heading to Nashville. While in Nashville Karen worked on album covers and photo shoots for numerous country stars including the legendary Johnny Cash. She has come full circle back to Dallas and is pursuing various interests like this beauty book.  Karen has a desire to present women in a positive light, focusing on the inner beauty, is interested in the whole story of each of her subjects and is including a bio on her models so the reader will see the complete “picture” and not just the outer beauty. My mother always said, “Beauty is only skin deep”.


debby jett allbright debby jett allbright


Gary Parson and I have been friends since early in my modeling career and he is so kind and caring and very talented in so many ways. He is a great make up artist and always manages to make me feel gorgeous!!! But he is also a fantastic organizer and creative director with the ability to manage a photo shoot and keep it on track. When I do a test photography shoot for my personal portfolio I know I will get two people in one because Gary can art direct in addition to doing my makeup!! 

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Behind the scenes I met with freelance fashion stylist Jennifer Clarke Hill at Tootsie’s Dallas to pull some clothes for the shoot. I love shopping at Tootsie’s for my personal wardrobe and was thrilled that we could choose from some of their fabulous fashions. Jennifer had spoken with Gary and had his “vision” for our look in mind as we were choosing the items to take to the shoot. She also brought some clothes that she thought might work, as well as jewelry. I brought shoes and jewelry to pull everything together for the total image and ,of course, Gary brought jewelry and accessories from his private collection!! See what I mean about being multi – talented and seeking perfection in everything he tackles.

debby jett allbright

In this age of social media Karen was very forward thinking and current in seeking the assistance of videographer Lyle Huddleston of Digital Success Advantage. He is the brains behind the social media campaign to promote the book and bring awareness to the public about  this amazing undertaking. He has so many great ideas and immediately posted shots from the first day on Dallas Snap Chat. I had to hear about it from my daughter!! There is now a YouTube video online promoting this book on Ageless Beauty.  Maybe Lyle can bring me up to speed in promoting my Fashionomics business!!! I need all the help I can get. Modeling is easy compared to running a business and trying to do things like get more followers on Instagram. Who knew????