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Happy Tuesday (this started on Friday!!)  and hope you all had a Happy Mother’s Day!! What a privilege to have a child or influence those who come into your life. The task of mothering is not just biological and extends to friends and families who are the village that help us raise our children. My son and his wife are expecting in July and we are thrilled to anticipate the birth of our first grandchild. My name will be DeeDee!! Woohoo!! Very exciting new chapter just ahead. Of course my 5 children and their spouses are thrilled to welcome a new member (Hunter Wever Jett) of the Allbright – Jett Clan!! So, back to the blog,  I am really writing about accessories this week and got a little off track. I happen to love bracelets and have quite a collection. It has been a really fun season of “Head Turning” statement earrings. I figure these are to fill in the neck left bare by all of these lovely off-the-shoulder tops. So here are a few fun accessories to spice up your summer outfits. Most are very reasonable in price and so you can definitely afford to go for some new looks. Stay tuned for more accessories in my upcoming blog series with styles from Saint Bernard in Inwood Village.

I forgot how much I love Accessory Concierge until I wrote a post recently on Wide Leg Pants and was wearing my favorite stack of beaded bracelets. I wear these all the time and they go with everything. I got them a couple of years ago and was thrilled to see that they are still available. I added a couple of other bracelets just because I love to go overboard!! One is a recent gift from Chico’s, The Girlfriend Bracelet, because I am a part of a movement of Over 50 Bloggers called The Fierce 50. Not that I ever like to tell my age!! I’m staying at 35!! These beaded bracelets come in different colors and each color has a different meaning. The Girlfriend Yellow Powerbead Bracelet stands for Optimism. Glad I got this color. Happy Yellow!



 I am a huge fan of silver jewelry and wear it all the time. I love my Michael Kors watch and it is one of my go-to pieces. My daughter worked for Tiffany’s when she was living and working in New York and I fell in love with their T Collection. I put this bracelet on my list and am so happy that I got it. I am obsessed with it!! The other sterling silver cuff that you see in these photos was given to me by my dad when we were on a trip to Colorado many years ago. It is a signed piece and I will cherish it forever. My dad had great taste and he was very generous and loved taking us on family trips. Photos from my previous blog post on Embellished Tops. I think most of us have go to pieces of jewelry that we love to wear. Keeping it simple.




I wanted to feature a few of my favorite earrings. You will see some shots from past blog posts here and here and some previews of posts coming up real soon. “Insta Worthy” earrings are all the rage and can be worn with off the shoulder tops and just about anything this season. I love the tassels from Bauble Bar that come in so many colors. The ball drop earrings are among my faves and I found the ones in this post at Dear Hannah in Snider Plaza. Unfortunately they are so popular she is sold out. I discovered some really great styles recently at Saint Bernard in Inwood Village. Gresham Hodges is a local Dallas designer with so many fabulous earrings. Love her Palm Earrings that come in so many great colors. I really get excited about promoting local young designers. I am impressed with the talent, design and tenacity it takes to make a business successful. I have to say that Saint Bernard has a fabulous selection of accessories at great price points. I just wanted to buy everything!!! I would suggest that you visit the store because try as I might I cannot find all of these exact earrings online. It is just a great excuse for shopping at these local boutiques. 


I will close with another very interesting local designer who created The Big O Key Ring!! You have probably seen these lifesaving key rings around town. Saint Bernard has a great selection at a fab price $55. Evidently two moms got together and came up with this idea that has been a well kept local secret but is spreading across the country. So if you want to give one to someone in another part of the world, hurry up. What a perfect solution to keep you from having to fish around in these huge tote bags. They are truly a game changer!! The company is called O-Venture. I am so impressed with these women who come up with a great idea and follow through to make a fun and interesting and successful business. You go girls!!!

Stay tuned girlfriends. I want to keep you on the edge of your seats and coming back for more fashion updates from Fashionomics. My next series of blogs will be featuring some fab styles from Saint Bernard in Inwood Village. If you are curious about the fur clutch and cuff you see above, well look for the next blog posts. I’ll give you little hint… Check out another local designer Parker & Hyde! You will not believe their prices!!! Read their story on the website!! I cannot decide which one I want to buy for myself!! Hope you have a great week and I hope you know how much I appreciate your reading my blogs that come in spurts!! I am really trying to get on a schedule but life and work seem to get in the way every single week! I absolutely love your comments and I got a great one last week. I will try to deliver Brenda!! XO Debby

Bindu Charmed Beaded Bracelet SetAccessory Concierge 

Girlfriend Yellow Powerbead Bracelet – Chico’s

Tiffany T Narrow Chain Bracelet – Tiffany & Co

Silver Cuff – similar here and here and here

Oversize Bradshaw Silver-tone Watch – Michael Kors

Ombre Blue Ball Drop Earrings – Dear Hannah – similar here

Cream Tassel Earrings – Dear Hannah – similar here

Cobalt Blue Romany Drop Ear – Saint Bernard – similar here

Gresham Palm EarringsSaint Bernard

Bauble Bar Gem Piñata Earrings – Saint Bernard – similar here

The Big O Key Ring – Saint Bernard – similar here 


Saint Bernard – Inwood Village – 5570 W. Lovers Ln. #388  Dallas, TX 7509 – 214.357.9700 – Katharine Neary

Accessory Concierge – 4239 W. Lovers Ln. Dallas, TX 75209 – 469.914.5695 – Open MWF 10-2 

Dear Hannah – Snider Plaza – 6713 Snider Plaza Dallas, TX 75205 – 469.291.7605 – Hannah Caillier