A Unique Vacation Find

Well I have been scrambling and this overwhelming surge of emails for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday and everything in between makes my head spin. I managed to get out a very short post last Friday and headed to Memphis to see my precious Hunter that evening. My daughter in law is the most gracious hostess!! She even waited to take him to see Santa until we came to town. Needless to say I was off the grid having the time of my life playing Dee Dee till I returned Monday night. So Happy Friday (this started on Wednesday!!!!) Now I am in Austin for a wedding and am determined to get this out today. It’s been a short week.  I just had to share this adorable photo from our shopping trip to Walmart in Memphis!! Someone couldn’t resist dressing Hunter up!! Now on to the real blog!!. I found this amazing jacket on a recent trip to Rosemary Beach for a wedding. I modeled for Ann Hartley way back when and some of you may remember her stores. She is so uber talented and now owns a very unique shop in Alys Beach. I could not resist this jacket – on the sale rack no less!!


I love to have unique pieces in my wardrobe that probably are not found everywhere. I honestly thought of the very cool Dallas fashion icon, Taylor Tomasi Hill. I saw her in the coolest jacket I have ever seen at a charity event one night. I love fashion but it has to be wearable and interesting. I am not usually very adventurous and have pretty classic taste. But “Fashion is meant to be Fun” and this is the cutest!! I saw it one day and had to think about it before purchasing. Even my husband was sick of me talking about it and drove me to the store so I would shut up!! This jacket is the most interesting combination of fabrics and patterns (and I should have ironed it before the shoot!!) and I figured I can wear it all year and dress it up or down. Fashion is always in the details and this jacket has more than I can mention.  I also think a must in your wardrobe just might be a lace lingerie tank. I wear mine all the time. 

Flare jeans are all over the place. I have gotten used to them as I do every trend, reluctantly at first and then later wholeheartedly! These are my shout out to frayed. I am not yet wearing ripped jeans, but never say never is my motto, learned from experience. I have worn these with flats, booties and heels. Black jeans can take you a lot of places, dressy or casual. I like to tell my clients that a third piece is necessary to complete most outfits. That is why an interesting jacket with a pattern can be worn many ways. Most pieces as unique as the one I am featuring are designer and really expensive. I have tried to find a few that you might find fun and interesting. 

As always thanks so much for reading. I just got my Christmas tree yesterday at Jackson’s for the first time and had it delivered. We usually go to Home Depot for the great prices but my husband is tired of dragging my huge trees into the house. So this tree will sit there and hopefully drink water until I can get the lights on (which takes me forever) and decorate it. The fun begins. I hope you all have a wonderful December and get everything done in time to really enjoy the holiday season. All of our kids will be home and we can’t wait. It is rare that we can gather everyone under one roof. My sweet daughter in-law is willing to spend Hunter’s first Christmas with us and I send thanks to her generous family for sharing this year!! I appreciate each and every one of you!!! XO Debby

Judy Tampa Jacket – Gallery Two on website

Drew Crop Flare Jean

Gold Hawk Lace Trim Cami Top – similar here here

Ann Hartley – 11 Castle Harbour Drive – Alys Beach, FL – 850.909.0235 

PHOTOGRAPHY – Mary Summers Hafner